12 Uplifting Quotes To Live By


As I've got back in to using Pinterest recently and because it's finally Friday I thought I would write a random post of positivity! 

Spreading positivity is always good so I thought I would share with you more than a few quotes I've been pinning recently that I really love. I'm still a child at heart so quite a few of these are whimsical and child-like which I love. But I also love the less bold quotes such as "Always be a little kinder than necessary" and "Remember it's okay to be happy with a calm life"... they are just perfect.

Last month I had one of the downiest months in a long time but this month the fog has cleared like it always does in life. And I've really realised happiness is a state of mind. 

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead.

PS. Let me know your favourite quote out of these! 

Fee xo.


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