Mix & Match Stud Nail Art


Yesterday I spotted the NPW Nail Art Stud Wheel was a bargainous £1.20 on ASOS here so I thought I'd dig it out of my nail art stash and create some mix and match nails with it. I bought the wheel at full price which was only £3 and I thought that was worth it... so I couldn't not share such a bargain! 

First up the nail wheel itself. This contains 12 compartments that hold 11 different types of gems, studs and pearls, totalling over 500 pieces. Making this a great buy for trying out different types of nail art for either mix and match nails or to see what you like best (I'm definitely going to be heading over to eBay to stock up on some silver studs now). 

As for how fiddly the pieces are to get on the nails I would recommend a white wax crayon for picking up the gems/studs to place on to the nails accurately or long tweezers that are specifically for nail art. 

As for my nails I decided to go for a soft look that were mix and match just to play around with the different pieces in the wheel. For once I decided to go for quite sheer nails with Bourjois Rose Lounge to make the nails look delicate, but I couldn't resist an accent nail so Rimmel Stardust in Aurora it was with quite a thick coat of Essie Let it Shine Top Coat to give it a glossy finish.

When it came to application of the studs and small beads I found applying a thin layer of top coat over the nail the best option, leaving it to go slightly tacky. For the accent nail I decided to keep it simple with a single pearl bead, as the glitter nail polish was enough focus. Then for my index and little finger I decided to use silver micro beads, though I definitely prefer how I have spaced them out on my little finger. As for my middle finger I decided to try out the silver studs which I feel really make the nails stand out. 

The nail art wheel is such a good way to get creative with nail art and just a total bargain at £1.20! 

Fee xo.

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