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I'm all about the wish lists lately aren't I?! I blame it being the end of the month and thoughts of a new season... even if none of these products are spring themed! 

After my Amazon bargains post I thought I'd have a look on my eBay watch list and create a small wish list. These are all products that I've added in February that just need to all be bought already! 

Moschino Rabbit 3D iPhone case (4/4s 5/5s)
£3.79 free p&p - here 
 I have been seeing this little fellow around blogs for the past few months and have been umm'ing and ahh'ing if I need it. But at under £4 I definitely do! This of course isn't the genuine version however with a £40 difference I know which one I will be going for. Just too cute!

35 x Spiral Rubber Hair Bands 
£2.77 free p&p - here 
Remember me wanting to try out the Invibobble? Probably not, but I did and at £4.00 for 3 I thought they were a bargain. But how about 35, yes 35, for only £2.77!  These are exactly the same product with the idea that you use these as traceless hair bobbles that leave no kinks in your hair.  Total bargain.

Jade Facial Massage Roller 
£2.30 free p&p - here 
All jade facial rollers are pretty much the same, they stimulate lymphatic drainage, improve circulation and work on reducing under eye bags and even blemishes around the chin area! However the price of them can differ quite dramatically which is why I thought I would opt for a super cheap one. I've recently been getting into pampering myself a bit more and I feel this after it has been in the fridge to cool would be a lovely addition to my pamper routine.

Professional Table Facial Steamer  
£27.99 free p&p - here 
This is definitely a want after watching Khila's (Miss Budget Beauty) Relax With Me video here. I already own a facial steamer but it is the basic 'place your face over it' kind of steamer that is basically awkward to use. But as Khila demonstrates the more pro steamer allows for multi-tasking as the direction of the steam is more concentrated and can be moved around. It also means you can sit more comfortably and actually relax. Also good for colds and sinus problems that crop up I'm thinking!

4711 Cologne Original 100ml 
£10.30 free p&p - here
This is probably the strangest fragrance I have come across but I love it for spring/summer. A truly fresh aqua scent that is quite unisex and definitely unique. It is also strangely very cheap! Something I will be picking up before Spring arrives.

The Face Shop Volcanic Clay Black Head Clay Nose Pack 
£3.18 free p&p - here 
Think peel-off blackhead strips but in liquid mask form! This is something totally new to me I came across when looking at Korean skincare products on eBay. I'm sure not a long lasting effects product but this looks great for when you want an instant fix for annoying unsightly blackheads!  

Osmo Berber Oil with Argan Oil 10ml 
£3.95 free p&p - here  
After raving about Osmo Deep Intense Mask in my Happy Hair Days post here I thought I would have a look at other products Osmo have to offer on eBay and came across this little magic potion. Well I'm hoping it will be as I love to use oils on damp hair to speed up drying time and smooth split ends. As with all hair oils such a little is needed so this will last me quite a few months I'm sure.

Palmers Coconut Oil Hair Conditioner 
£5.60 free p&p - here
Anything containing Coconut oil whether in body or hair care I simply love. Just so nourishing and also amazing smelling... like summer and holidays! So this Palmers conditioner that is an American product really caught my eye. I'm thinking a possible perfect summer conditioner right here. 

Hope you have enjoyed my eBay wish list, always so fun to do! 

Fee xo. 

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