Lush Porridge Soap Review


When it comes to soaps I'm all over Lush. I've now tried more than half of the range Lush have to offer but my favourite by far has to be the Lush Textured Porridge Soap. 

My reason for this beside from it being so creamy and smelling amazing is it really is more than  just a soap!

You may be thinking 'hmmm more than a soap?' but trust me this is definitely marketed incorrectly as a soap and should be classed as an exfoliating bar. Porridge Soap is so creamy and rich in formula and with the soap being packed full of oatmeal it exfoliates the skin amazingly well. 

But I'm getting ahead of myself here... first let me tell you about the amazing scent! This Oatmeal based Porridge-y soap is a yummy mix of oats, vanilla with a hint of zest (it actually contains fresh organic orange juice!) giving it a warm and rich treacle-y smell that is so addictive and comforting... it really does make me want to lick it (I resist don't worry)! When you are next in Lush even if you aren't a lovers of soaps, just have a smell of this bar - trust me it's heaven! 

You can purchase Porridge Textured Soap from Lush for £3.10 per 100g here or in-store. 

Now I have the amazing scent of this out of the way I can tell you about the multi-use of this and my preferred way of using it as an exfoliating bar... 

Like all Lush soaps I like to buy a fairly good sized bar and cut it up into pieces. This makes the product last so much longer and in this case it is needed as the soap is so creamy it does melt slightly if left in a warm bathroom. So with my more cube shaped Porridge soap I get into the shower, lather up the bar and use it in the palm of my hand over my arms and legs letting the pinhead oatmeal pieces exfoliate my skin and the soap to build up a nice lather, making me enjoy the scent even more. 

Though the soap can be used as just a soap by lathering up the bar in the hands and using the lather/creamy formula it produces, which is easily created as this soap is just so creamy. 

 Little flaws...

Porridge Soap isn't without it's flaws however, which I couldn't not mention. I personally love to exfoliate my skin but as the bar is used up the pinhead oatmeal becomes more visible and compact making for a harsher scrub that wouldn't be suitable for sensitive skin. The other slight downfall is that the oats do fall out of the soap when it's being used which sometimes do need to be washed away in the bath or shower - not a big deal for me but something I thought was worth mentioning. 

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Porridge Soap is without a doubt a great product and one I would definitely recommend trying from Lush! 

Fee xo.

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