Lush Fun Review


I thought it was about time I review one of Lush's more recent products that I think is an amazing idea and so fun. Which I guess is why the product is aptly named FUN!

Lush's bath innovation - FUN, consists of 5 scented plasticine/clay type products aimed at children and adults (well I hope adults as I've been enjoying them all far too much). These fun water soluble products are 4 in 1 and can be used for the body as body wash, the hair as shampoo, in the bath as bubble bath/soap and also just for fun for making different things with. 

As you can see I have a FUN gift set that was only available for Christmas 2013, which allowed me to try out 3 of the 5 colours/scents. However each colour can be purchased in 200g logs for £5.00 here or in-store at Lush.  The bars available are - Red (mandarin & orange scent), Green (lemon & lime), Yellow (vanilla), Blue (lavender & chamomile) and Pink (fruit tonka).

The gold coloured FUN here is actually the yellow Fun in the existing range.

The Fun things about FUN 
 Well it's pretty obvious this is a super fun product for playing with. It does dry out if you leave it out but if you just want it as a fun modelling clay thats scented you can play with it and then put it back in the wrapper to be re-used time and time again. So I love it just as a solely fun thing that doesn't need to be used in the shower/bath. But there is also the fun of creating, or should I say your children creating, little figures to take into the bath with them, making bath time a lot more fun and appealing. In the bath/shower the Fun bars work really well as soap/body wash, foaming nicely and smelling amazing so I'd definitely say this is their main use. However you can also pop a little FUN creation next to the sink and use it as soap though be careful of getting the bathroom steamy as it will melt into a blob! As for the scents they are all amazing and I can't pick a favourite! Just so fresh and yummy smelling.

Where FUN falls short 
 As the product does state it is 4 in 1 I tried out all the possible ways of using it and have to say 2 of the ways just aren't up to scratch. As a shampoo bar this just doesn't work, though I already imagined it wouldn't due to the softness of the product. It simply gets stuck in the hair and is hard to use - a total no-no. The other suggestion from Lush is to crumble it under a hot tap for a bubble bath which again didn't work, not many bubbles at all and little bits of the product were stuck to the bath once I had drained the water. However as soap to use in the bath it definitely works! 


As you can see, here are two of my lovely creations which I took into the shower with me. The dinosaur may have taken some time to make... I will admit I did get quite in to it. But of course if you are more grown up than I you could just break off some of the product and use it on the shower. I would say my little dinosaur was more than enough for my entire body. 

Just as I side note - these do contain sodium laureth sulfate, as do a lot of Lush products. Which I tend to avoid but as these seemed so fun I decided to use them and haven't had a reaction or any dryness, however if you do suffer with any skin problems I would suggest avoiding these like any other product containing sulfates.

My overall option of these as body washes is very positive and I will be buying myself a full bar of one of the FUN products when these are all used up. Also such a fun thing for children to play with and use!

However if you are wanting these to create bubbles in a bath I would give this range a miss. 

Fee xo.

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