February Bargain Wish List


 It's finally February and I'm more than ready to leave winter behind. We need actual daylight and less rain already! 

So I thought as I was planning on creating a wish list post I would incorporate more spring inspired products that I will be getting my mitts on over this month... which means this is actually just a virtual shopping list I'm sharing!

Fushi Virgin Organic Coconut Oil 
£5.85 - Fushi/Ocado here
Ahhh Coconut Oil how I love you so! I'm just about getting to the end of a jar of Coconut Oil and it's getting hard to get out the last bits so this is at the top of my to-buy list. Coconut Oil can be on the pricey side (I'm looking at you Holland & Barrett with your £17.00 Coconut Oil) even though it is all exactly the same. So I like to go for the Fushi one which is around £6-8 depending on where you buy it. For me Coconut Oil is a great multi-use product that is so moisturising, it can be used all over the body (great on streth marks), hair, cuticles etc so a great product to remove all traces of winter effects on the body. You can find a post on how I like to use it and a review of the Fushi one here

Sinful Color Pastel Nail Polishes
£1.99 - Boots here or in-store
Sinful Colors do two things really well - glitter and pastel nail polishes. I always get drawn in by the array of glitters but as spring will soon be here I need to stock up on a few more pastel shades from this wonderful budget brand. Shades on my list to buy are - Unicorn, Open Seas and Sweet Tooth. Such cute names as well! 

Herbal Essences Be Strong Intensive Hair Mask 
£3.99 - Boots/Superdrug here
I have to admit I feel Herbal Essences have the most over processed shampoos on the highstreet which I cannot stand. But one of the few products I like from the brand are their hair masks which even though are packed with not so great ingredients do the job and smell amazing! I currently love the Hello Hydration Mask which smells so strongly of coconuts but this honey scented one is appealing to me now. It's currently half price in Superdrug at £1.96 so I think I will have to pick it up when out shopping next. 

Nivea Soothing Cleanser Mousse
£4.99 - Boots here
My current liquid face wash is the Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash which serves me well but as I have been using it for so long I've become a bit bored with it and want to try something new. Which isn't so easy when you avoid SLS/Sodium Lauryl Sulfates however this fairly new product from Nivea contains an non- sls mild cleanser which is great for sensitive skin types. I've not a huge fan of Nivea skin care but all I ask from a face wash is for it to be mild and remove makeup/clean the skin so this should do the trick. I also love that it comes out as a mousse.

Montagne Jeunesse Hot Chocolate Face Mask 
£1.00 - Superdrug
Okay this definitely isn't a product for spring, but as it's still cold I have time to buy this and try it out. I don't know how I didn't know this mask existed until last week as I am obsessed with anything with a chocolate orange scent. And this has just got me thinking Terry's Chocolate Orange melted! I haven't a clue how this 'benefits' the skin and I can't say I care really as these face masks feel more of a pampering treat than anything else. 

Patisserie Sugared Violet Lip Balm 
Also available in Lemon Bon Bon & Strawberry Cupcake 
£3.00 - ASOS here 
Another lovely spring inspired want here! I have more than enough lip balms but I just couldn't resist these for the wonderful flavours and price. I have tried a few Patisserie/Rose & Co product and have always been pleased with them so I imagine these will be nice. I love anything Violet scented and I already have the hand cream of this scent so that will be the one I buy but the other two flavours are also really tempting at only £3!

Be sure to expect a haul post containing a few of these products soon enough! 

Fee xo.

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