Christmas Decorations 2013


When it comes to Christmas I pretty much love all elements of it! The shopping, the wrapping, spending time with family, amazing food and of course decorating the house and getting my tree up! 

Having my decorations up is a sure way for me to feel Christmas-y, especially at night when just the Christmas lights are twinkling. This year I decided to go for a more winter wonderland feel with a touch of fun. In past years I have gone for a more sophisticated look (you can see my decorations from last year here) but this Christmas I decided I wanted everything to feel a bit more magical and interesting. 

Decorations in above image - Large gold reindeer - Asda, Snow Globe - Past Times, Robin Cushion - Tesco, Reindeer's (actually tree decorations with the string cut off) - Matalan, Wicker Heart - Waitrose. 

When putting up my tree and decorations, which have known to take hours, I like to get in to a festive mood with two things - music and chocolate. Reluctantly I will admit I'm partial to Justin Bieber's Under The Mistletoe album so that goes on and I break into my first box of chocolates. This year it was Lindt Master Chocolatier Gift Box (large box can be bought at Tesco and other supermarkets for £12.99) which have to be the nicest chocolates I have tried - no dodgy fruit creme centres here!

I also got out my other treat with Neom's amazing Scents of Christmas gift set of 3 travel candles. These have taken pride of place on my dining table and are so strong in scent that they fragrance the room without being lit. So right now I still haven't burnt them! But come Christmas Eve I plan to light them all and try out the 3 different scents.


As I mentioned for me when the lights are turned off and the Christmas tree lights are twinkling away I get that wonderful fuzzy Christmas feeling. So I like to have different lights around my living room to make it feel extra cosy and pretty. 

My favourite light has to be the Bunny Lamp above, this can be found on DotComGiftShop or ASOS for only £5, this suits my winter wonderland theme perfectly but is such a cute bedside lamp for both adults and children... it's also battery operated which is handy. I also place some cute white Berry Fairy Lights, again battery operated for ease, around my fireplace, these came from a seller on Amazon and have been used all year around a mirror as they are so pretty. 

Other decorations in above image - Christmas tree & baubles - Tesco, Ceremic Logs - Homesense, Deer Cut-out Ornamentt - DotComGiftShop, Glass Cloche Bird Tree Decoration - Homesense, Glass Diamond - local gift shop.

To carry on my magical winter wonderland theme I mixed together silver , gold and white with different ornaments that wouldn't necessarily go together. Mini baubles (from Tesco) in a tall slim vase, mini baubles hung on a White Jewellery Tree (from Achica), Polar Bear Snow Globe (from Asda) and baubles placed in a giant teacup (PR gift)!

This just gives a playful and interesting element to my decorations, especially as my Christmas tree is quite plain. Baubles, large and small really are a great way to create a display on a budget - in bowls and vases like I have done above or even made into a garland with ribbon or string.


As for larger decorations I have purchased these over the years and bring them out every Christmas. My Candle Arch (local garden centre) is placed in the window and is the only touch of red. The Metal Birdcage (from a stall at the NEC Gardener World Show) sits behind my Christmas tree filled with a mixture of silver baubles and last but not least one of my favourite Christmas pieces - Wooden Light-up Church (from John Lewis) is brought out. 

Hope you enjoyed this little tour of my Christmas decorations this year! 

Fee xo. 
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