Christmas Day Nail Polish Contenders


When Christmas Eve comes around I find myself sighing with relief that the busyness will soon be over with! Don't get me wrong I love Christmas but it definitely is the most busiest time of year for most people. 

So pampering myself is definitely limited and that also means nail painting needs to be done quickly - i.e no faffing with nail art. 

 Yes, festive nail art for Christmas day is pretty but too time consuming the night before and also just not practical as I know I will be opening lots of hard-to-get-into boxes for my nieces! So for me it is a sparkly base coat and then a glitter top coat to finish my nails off. Below are 10 nail polishes I absolutely love and I'm considering wearing on my nails come Christmas day.

1. Orly Snowcone - £3.99 Fragrance Direct here
2. Orly Luxe - £3.99 Fragrance Direct here
3. Orly Cherry Bomb - £3.99 Fragrance Direct here
4. Ted Baker Totally Twinkie - £8.50 at duo Boots here
5. Ted Baker Golden Girl  - £8.50 as duo
6. China Glaze Elfin' Around  - £5.45 Amazon here or Sally's
7. China Glaze Your Present Required  - £5.59 Amazon here or Sally's
8.  NYC Full Metal Jacket  - £1.79 Superdrug
9. NYC Red Hot - £1.99 Superdrug
10. NYC Top of the Gold - £1.99 Superdrug

So here is my lovely selection that I really couldn't pick a favourite from, however I would say the savviest buy would be NYC Full Metal Jacket as it's the nicest gold fold nail polish I have come across and it's under £2! Then for a more 'expensive' treat I would say Orly Cherry Bomb is very lovely indeed.

As for glitter top coats, the most unique has to be China Glaze Your Present Required as it looks quite quirky on the nails over any colour but also festive. Looks best over black or gold... or even white. But NYC Top of the Gold is definitely a hidden gem as it actually looks like flecks of gold on the nails and much more expensive than £2!   

These are just a few festive shades I really like. I also highly recommend Models Own glitters, especially the Wonderland Collection and opaque coloured glitters such as Gold Finger and Scarlett Sparkle.

Sinful Color glitters are always worth a look in Boots at only £1.99 each!

Fee xo.  

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