Under £2 Makeup Brush Set from eBay


I have more than enough makeup brushes but I was sorely lacking in different eye brushes so I took to eBay to find some Sigma style dupes. 

After lots of browsing I came across this listing of many different sets of brushes. I was tempted to splurge on a few more sets as they are excellent value but decided on the Silver - 4pcs set for an amazing£1.66!

For such bargain brushes I have been more than impressed with the quality of these so far (update: I still use these 3 years on!). The handles are sturdy and full size with the ferrule made from strong aluminium. Along with soft bristles that are ideal for eyeshadow blending/shading.

Here is how I like to use each brush...


Left to right 

Soft Flat Top Brush - When I first got this set I was a bit unsure how best to use this brush but after a bit of trial and error I discovered it's an ideal shape for using with cream eye shadows especially the Maybelline Color Tattoos as this fits flat into the pot perfectly, picking up the product evenly. I could also see this being good for stippling/blending under eye concealer.

Soft Angled Shading Brush - I use this as my crease brush for the outer corners of my eyes especially when I want a smokey eye. This is great for blending out or in eyeshadow.

Soft Dome Brush - This is my general clean blending brush that I use to blend the edges of eyeshadow without picking up any product. Probably my most needed brush, so I'm glad I have this now.  

Soft Blending Brush - As I don't need too many eye brushes I decided to use this to blend out concealer as my Sigma one had started to shed on my face more and more. As this is round and ultra soft this does a great job of lightly buffing in concealer - I use the Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. So far so good with zero shedding. 

Delivery does take a while for this product but it's 100% worth it!

Fee xo.

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