Snowy Trees Nail Art


Last week I was challenged by Marisota to create a Christmas nail look in the their 12 Nails of Christmas Challenge which 11 other bloggers are taking part in!

I received a wonderful box of nail treats to use to come up with a look. As snow is apparently on it's way and I'm wish for a white Christmas this year I thought I would create a snowy scene on my nails.

I love the combination of red and white so I used Essie Russian Roulette (£6.99 - Superdrug) for the base... this may now be my ultimate festive red as it's just the right shade and so glossy. I then used the Barry M Nail Art Pen in White (£4.99 - Boots here) to create the snowy trees and snow. I decided to not be too neat here as I wanted to create the look of when snow is coming down thick and fast!


To create the trees and snow I used the pen to first paint on the snow at the bottom of the nails drawing a wavy line from one side of my nail to the other and filling it in. For the trees I created a basic Christmas tree shape on my nails which I filled in and left to dry. I then added a few strokes of white to the end of the tree shape to make them look a little more snowy. 

As an added extra I then placed Crystal Gemstones by Andrea Fulerton (£6.61 - Amazon here) on the top of each tree to act as a little sparkly star. To finish I used Essie Let It Shine Top Coat (£8.99 - Boots here) to seal in the nail art. 

 For these nails I would team them with white knitwear for a casual look such as the lovely lace collar fluffy jumper from Marisota above. This would also make the red on the nails look more vivid and festive! 

Lots more Christmas nail looks to come in December! 

Fee xo.

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