Nicky Clarke Desired Wide Plate Hair Straighteners Review


For over 10 years now I have been straightening my hair. Well I say straightening but it was more attempting to with the products that were available when I was in my teens. However hair care technology has come on more than leaps and bounds to the point that we can now own professional hairdresser quality tools that give amazing results. 

A brand that deliver this is Nicky Clarke Electricals offering a wide range of styling tools. Including the DesiRED range which includes ceramic straighteners, wide plate ceramic straighteners, a professional hair dryer and ceramic tongs.

Here I have the Wide Plate Ceramic Straightener to show you which I have been using religiously for the past two months. The reason for this is I been totally won over by these and can hand on heart state I given my previous much more expensive pair of hair straighteners to my sister - much to her delight!

The wonderfully red DesiRed Wide Plate Straighteners are currently on sale (at time of posting - 14/11/13) for £39.99, exclusively at Boots here with a huge saving of £40.00 - RRP £79.99.

So what has me loving these straighteners so much I hear you ask...

 Wide Ceramic Plates - Before trying these out I was a little apprehensive at using wide plate straighteners. Even though I've always had medium to long, thick hair I some how had this preconceived idea that wide plates wouldn't be as effective or beneficial to me. But how wrong I was! These wide plate straighteners couldn't suit my hair any better in fact. Even on first use of these I realised the wide plates (that aren't overly wide so don't feel bulky in any way) allow the hair to be straightened much faster and only need to be stroked through the hair once, which of course reduces the chance of heat damage to the hair. 

Variable Heat Setting - This combined with the heat setting for thick hair creates a totally sleek finish that will straighten and tame the thickest of hair. Though the straighteners do have a variable heat setting of - fine, medium, thick and max. I haven't needed to use the top temperature of 230oC but I can see this being ideal for unruly thick or curly hair. I can also see the fine setting being ideal for use on fringes.


Other features...

 Floating Ceramic Plates -This was another feature that I was unsure how beneficial it would be for me. Mainly because I didn't know what it actually was! However I soon discovered it meant that the plates are designed to glide though your hair without tugging it as the two ceramic plates don't press down on the hair but float very close either side. This really does make a noticeable differance compared other hair straighteners as snagging your hair/getting it caught in the side of the plates just doesn't happen. 

Auto Shut-off - Now this is a reassuring feature. If you are someone that instantly worries you might not have turned your hair straighteners off the minute you leave the house then this will put you at ease. Within an hour of the hair straighteners being turned on they will automatically turn off for safety.

Other little extras include a very speedy heat up time (I'd say no more than 30 seconds) and a lengthy 3 metre cable, meaning I'm able to sit at my makeup table to use them.

Overall the Desired Wide Plate Hair Straighteners have honestly more than impressed me. Straightening my hair is now a breeze, I actually find I now don't need to section off my hair as it does such a large amount at a time... though I am aware this may not be such a great thing as I now find myself straightening my hair more than ever - heat protectant spray recommendations are much appreciated! Also my hair does stay straightened throughout the day which is a huge plus, a sign of professional hair straighteners for me. 

Of course every product has it's disadvantages but here it is difficult to find any when they do exactly what they state. However I would say a heat mat is sorely missing as the straighteners do heat up to such a high degree and need to be placed on a suitable surface.

All in all a more than pleasing product that really delivers great results.

If you are looking for a pair of hair straighteners that are high in quality I really would recommend these in an instant now.

Fee xo. 

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