Halloween Mix & Match Nail Art Ideas


As Halloween is just around the corner I thought I'd sit down and create some quick Halloween nails. 

I literally grabbed the nail polishes I needed and the Avon Nail Decoration Tool which is a dotting tool and nail art brush in one and gave myself this mismatch Halloween manicure in under 10 minutes. My favouritee design has to be the dripping blood nail art but I really think the mix and match look really works - really vibrant and fun!

Here is how I created each nail...


1. Brain Nails - This is basically a more messy leopard print design using a dotting tool. Just longer splodges and closer together. I did this really quick but you could use a smaller dotting tool and make the design more detailed. (Polishes Used: Avon Reddy To Go and Avon French Manicure White)

2. Tiny Spiders Nails - To create this nail I added a few dots and then added the legs with the nail art brush. Very simple to do. (Polishes Used: NYC Spring Street and Avon Rapid Black)

3. Dripping Blood Nails - I wonder how easy it was to create dripping tip nails but discovered it was so simple. Just add 3 or 4 dots near to the tip of the nail with a dotting tool and then fill in with more nail polish on the dotting tool. (Polishes Used: Avon French Manicure White and Ciate Mistress)

4. Frankenstein Nails - This was simply done with a nail art brush, pretty self explanatory. To make this even easier you could even use a fine liquid eyeliner pen... but remember to add a clear top coat so it doesn't wash off! (Polishes Used: Sally Hansen Grass Slipper and Avon Rapid Black) 

Hopefully this has given you a few ideas to sport some fun Halloween nails this week! 

Fee xo.

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