Fighting Flu... Favourites?


A bit of a strange end of month favourites for you today! 

As most of you know I've been a bit absent from my blog for the past week or so, due to feeling pretty under the weather. I can't say I'm fully over it but I am definitely over spending most of the time in bed!

In the past ten days I have been pretty much makeup-free and I'd love to tell you how it has done my skin the world of good but actually due to being ill my skin has been at it's worst so I've made sure to keep on top of my skincare with good quality products. 

Also as you can imagine between blowing my nose, popping pills and feeling sorry for myself I've had a lot of time on my hands. So I thought I'd share some non-beauty favourites that have been keeping me sane. 


Skincare Saviours

On the face... 
My main skincare saviour whilst I have been ill has been Ole Henriksen Truth Serum Collagen Booster. This is only a 15ml sample which I received in a past Glossybox (sadly way out of my skincare budget at £40+ full size) but a generous enough sample. I really cannot say what this does, but my skin just drinks it up and looks all the better for it - no more dull looking skin. I've been applying the serum twice a day as I love it so much and the orange scent to it is wonderful. This will be a product I take on holiday with me next month and then I may have to put a Ole Henriksen gift set containing this serum on my Christmas list! 

Another wonder product that has saved my skin, mainly in the past few days, has been the Balance Me Radiance Face Oil (£15/10ml - here). I devoted a whole post to this product a few months ago now as it's an amazing spot treatment that also clears up spot scarring. This has done wonders for the odd spot that have cropped up in the past week but I also had some annoying scarring on my cheek that had been lingering for the past 3 weeks so I decided to massage some of the oil over that area as well and to my surprise it has improved it by at least 90% I would say. This has to be my favourite spot treatment by far - really amazing stuff!

To reduce my super tired eyes Organic Surge Eye Gel (£8.49/15ml - here) has been a bit of a god send. I do use this generally in my morning skincare routine but whilst being ill I have been using it a few times a day to cool down my eyes and wake them up a bit. The gel really does feel lovely to the skin and definitely reduces puffiness. 

Keeping chapped lips at bay... 
To fight against very dry lips Jason Lips Bee Healthier (£3.84 inc p&p - Lucy Rose here) which is a lovely 70% organic lip balm has been amazing. This smooth lip balm really does beat all my other lip balms hands down - containing Cocoa Seed Butter, Beeswax, Coconut Oil, Sweet Almond Oil, Shea Butter, Aloe Vera Leaf Gel. I also love the minty scent to this which reminds me so much of After Eight Mints. 

Since my dry lips have been getting better I've also been using the lovely Red Velvet Lip Scrub by Sara Happ (£19/30g - Beauty Bay here) which always feel like a treat and also a bit festive! This cake scented sugar scrub really is amazing for removing dead skin from the lips and leaving them ultra smooth. It is pricey but the 30g tub will literally last forever... though a cheaper festive alternative may be the new Santa's Lip Scrub from Lush which is only £5.50 here. For an extra treat I've been finish off with Rose & Co Sweet Vanilla Salve (£5.89/20g - Amazon here) which is another favourite that is so yummy and lovely to use.

Helpful extras... 
 As for extras my new Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Serum (£2.50 - Boots/Superdrug/Tesco) has come in really handy to stop spreading germs, as it's anti viral. However the great thing about it is that is doesn't dry out the hands at all unlike hand sanitiser gels... in fact it actually feels quite nourishing. So I have been using that after eating etc out of the house. As for moisturising I have upped it a bit as my skin has been feeling so dehydrated and dry so for dry areas on my body I have been using Weleda Skin Food (£4.95/30ml - Look Fantastic here) which is an amazing product that helps the driest of skin. For my face, especially my nose at night, I have been using Dr Organic  Moroccan Argan Oil Night Cream (£9.49/50ml - Holland & Barrett here)... I really don't think I've come across such a thick night cream. I love that it's organic and it really tackles dry skin very very well. 


Random Favourites... 

Movies in bed... 
Ahhhhh there is nothing better than watching feel good or funny films in bed when you are ill and need cheering up. Okay... well maybe takeaway or chocolate, but I lost my sense of smell and taste for a few days so watching films was my next best option! Of course Hocus Pocus was a must to watch as it's so close to Halloween now. Still such a good film with lots of funny scenes in it... it did remind me that I haven't watched Casper in years, so I'm making it my Sunday film to watch. I also stuck Home Alone 2 on, as I actually find it more Christmas-y than the firstHome Alone as its set in New York - just a funny but heart warming festive film.

Retail Therapy...
I've also been spending too much time looking at holiday clothes as I have my lovely holiday to Lanzarote coming up in November (very much needed!). I find ASOS the best place to shop for clothes online as so many products are reduced and 10-20% off codes are always floating about on top of that! One item that is on my to buy list is the lovely Mango Open Knit Jumper (now £13.50 - here) above. I'm thinking it will look great over a vest top or a vest maxi dress at night. Though I'm really not impressed that Mango think a size 14 is Extra Large on the size listing!

 A new found love...
I've never been in to hot drinks however I have finally got in to drinking coffee and now it's feeling colder at night it is such a treat! I really didn't know how good it was. I'd probably say it's a very milky coffee as I use Mellow Bird Coffee Powder (£3 in Tesco I think) with quite a bit of millk and sugar but it's coffee all the same. I may have even bought these Coffee Stencils (£1.75 - eBay here) for pretty festive coffees and hot chocolates come winter. 

 Apologies for such a lengthy post... I really have missed blogging so felt a long post was needed! 
Hopefully lots of nice blog posts to come next week when I'm fully better. 

Fee xo.

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