3 Hair Conditioners Reviewed - Budget Buys


With a bizillion different conditioners and hair masks in my shower (I'm literally talking 8+ here) I thought I would create a little series of review posts, reviewing three at a time. 

Here are a few budget conditioners for under £5...


Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask
£4.99/250ml - eBay here 
£3.24/100ml - eBay here 

This is my current favourite conditioner/hair mask. I bought this on a whim from Fragrance Direct as I liked the look of the iridescent tube... such a good reason to buy I know, and because it was cheap. But this is seriously some good stuff! Firstly the consistency and the scent are just amazing, like a creamy butter that just glides over the hair that is slightly scented with a sugary vanilla. Making it feel like a treat to use... other than the Macadamia Hair Masque I've never felt like that with any other conditioner! 

As for the effects I actually squeeze all the excess water from my hair and apply the mask to the length and ends of my hair, leaving it for 5 minutes. But for a real treat I grab a towel and towel dry my hair then apply the mask for at least 10 minutes (I use a body scrub, use my Clarisonic and shave my legs in that time) this really is worth it and once I've dried and styled my hair I can really see and feel how much softer and hydrated it is. If you can't afford a pricey hair mask/don't want to, then this is the best cheaper alternative I have found so far! 


Dove Intensive Repair Conditioner 
£3.99/180ml - Boots here 

In the past few years I've been really impressed with Dove haircare products, they really seem to have upped their game and now offer some great products. This specific conditioner is one I like to use when I need to conditioner my hair well but haven't got enough time to be keeping it on as this only need to be on the hair for a single minute! 

I can't say I love the scent of this... a lot of Dove hair products have this scent and to me it's just a bit too synthetic smelling but it is far from awful. But I do like the smooth consistency and how quickly it gets to work detangling my hair and leaving it quite frizz free. 


Timotei Brilliant Repair Conditioner for Dry/Damaged Hair 
 £1.99/200ml or £2.99/400ml - Asda, Tesco etc 

This is the newest addition to my shower and also the cheapest! I've always used Timotei conditioners as the scents always appeal to me (I'm sure there use to be a strawberry yogurt one) and because they are so darn cheap.

 Another super quick one that doesn't actually require to be left on the hair at all! So I now use this before I am using a hair mask to de-tangle my hair quickly as I feel hair masks work so much better on smooth hair for some reason. I've also been using this when I literally want a 5 minute shower as I just can't skip conditioner and this leaves my hair tangle-free and shiny. As for consistency and scent, it is quick a thin conditioner however this makes it apply over the hair well and quickly, the scent is fruity and creamy but I can't put my finger on the exact smell. Also the 400ml bottle of this is huge and so low cost!

For my next conditioner reviews I will be picking a few high end ones and then on to some organic/natural ones. 

Fee xo. 

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