10 Beauty Blogs Worth Bookmarking this Autumn


 At the end of August I shared with you 10 Beauty Blogs I had been loving reading and the response to it was great! It just showed how obsessed with each others blog we actually are! So I thought a new month deserved some more blog mentions, especially as the nights are drawing in and I know browsing through beauty blogs is a hobby of many. 

Here are 10 beauty blogs that I really believe are worth bookmarking...

My latest favourite blog that I really don't know how I've only just come across! All I can say is 'wow' about Heather's makeup looks, they are just amazing and so flawless... I mean just look at these three looks (1,2,3). If her blogs was just makeup looks I seriously wouldn't get bored, but it isn't... she also writes some lovely posts in between her makeup looks that are well thought out and full of good swatches. A must read!

Ahhhh a lovely high street focused beauty blog! I often go back over the archives of this blog to seek out some high street beauty products before I go shopping. Amy has recently alerted me to the lovely NYC Cheek Glow Blushers which include some great autumn shades and are actually matte in finish.

A wonderfully simplistic beauty blog that gives me a little hit of beauty when I need it. Amy's blog generally consists of single product reviews from Lush products to Disney amazing-ness and a few lifestyle posts with lovely photography for good measure. Sometimes I feel like I ramble on and on in posts so this blog is a breath of fresh air for me.
Amazing, amazing makeup looks on this blog that are just so inspiring. Meredith has hand on heart shown me how to wear dramatic eyes with deep red/wine lips here and how to pull off minimal makeup perfectly here. She also posts amazing outfit posts that are really great to read. All incased in a wonderfully laid out blog - perfect! 
I mentioned Sara's blog in my recent weekend Lazy Links post for her amazing Primark Zara bag dupe find. For the past month I have been an avid reader of Pretty In Pink as Sarah reviews some great low cost beauty products that suit my budget. Revlon Nail Polish in Whimsical, Collection Goth Glam Lipstick in Scorned and the Primark bag are all on my to-buy list because of Sara! 
This is a blog that lets me indulge in my love of Korean beauty products. June features mostly Korean product from Etude House, Tony Moly, Innisfree and I always find myself looking for the product on eBay after reading her review of it. A great blog to go to before hitting up eBay to buy some fun Korean skincare or makeup.

I've mentioned Jewel's blog a few times now but I had to mention it again as she's such a lover of Fall and Halloween and I know she will have so many great posts up this month in preparation for Halloween. I just love Jewel's style so much and of course her love of Bath & Body Works which never fails to leave me jealous. She also makes me want to start creating YT videos as I love watching hers so much as she comes across as so sweet and lovely.

Firstly I just love the name of this blog, it's just cute and for some reason sticks in my head. For me this is just an all round good beauty blog full of posts I want to read. Lots of high street reviews and nice simple nail art to try out. I just wish Sandy posted more often!

Kerruticles is a wonderful nail polish/nail art blog wrote by Claire - a self proclaimed nail junkie! Along with great photography and amazing nail art skils Claire makes sure to review low cost high street nail polishes and indie brands which for me makes her blog really stand out. Tempted to say this is my favourite UK nail art blog!

If I had to describe Brittany's blog in two word it would be, beautifully simplistic. I looked through so many of your amazing blogs last night (I was up until 5am believe it or not!) but there was something about Life, Set Sail that grabbed me and had me reading back to September, 2012! Brittany's blog is perfectly wrote as if she is talking to a friend and along with the simple yet beautiful imagery it is a wonderfully relaxing read for a beauty/lifestyle blog. Please make sure you stop by and follow!

PS. Thank you all so much for leaving your blog links, I really didn't expect to have so much blog reading to do! But I have discovered so many great ones to include in my next 'blogs worth bookmarking' post.
Thanks for reading and hopefully you have discovered a few new blogs to read! 

Fee xo.

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