Technic Glitter Nail Polish Collection + Swatches


I recently mentioned that I added two new Technic glitter nail polishes to my collection for Autumn. So I thought I would show you the Technic Glitter Nail Polishes I own as I love them all and they are so cheap.

Technic are one of those cheap brands that have a few surprisingly good products. I would say mainly their 'Prime it' Primer, High Lights Highlighter (a nice dupe for Benefit High Beam) and their Electric Beauty Eyeshadow Palette (dupe for the Sleek palettes). And of course their nail polishes.

As for where to buy Technic I generally head to eBay for nail polishes but Love Thy Makeup looks a really great website for Technic products and Bodycare on the high street do sell Technic makeup and nail polishes.


Here I have 4 Technic glitter nail polishes. But from doing my homework I discovered there are 6 glitters polishes that are held in a clear or coloured gelly and can be used with a base nail polish colour (the ones swatched here plus Money Bags and Mermaid) and 6 smaller glitter nail polishes that cover the whole of the nail with 2-3 coats (Star dust, Christmas Cracker, Lustre, Bonanza, Party Pink and Celebration). You can find the 6 smaller glitters here for £1.25 each.

My first Technic glitter nail polish was Carnival as it is a good dupe for OPI Rainbow Connection, which is a whopping £11 compared to under £2. Then Bad Mirror and recently the other two; Bedazzled and Mad Alice. I still very much love Carnival as it's a perfect multi-coloured glitter that looks good over any base - you can see a full post on the polish here. But I have to say I absolutely love Bedazzled for this time of year, perfect for Autumn and Halloween. 


As for Mad Alice it is a multicoloured glitter held in a purple jelly that can be built up with 2-3 coats or worn as one coat over a purple base coat. This is a lovely one for winter and has really impressed me. I would say after Carnival I do prefer the smaller glitter polishes and will definitely get Lustre (gold glitter) and Christmas Cracker (red glitter) before December as they look ideal for festive nails.
If you are wanting to purchase just a single nail polishes I'd suggest eBay is the best place but if you want a few Love thy Makeup works out the cheapest at £1.25 per polish with £2 p&p here or you can try your luck in Bodycare.

Overall these are such great glitter nail polishes that you can't go wrong with! 

Fee xo.

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