eBay Makeup Storage Ideas - Under £4


I'm forever trying to organise my makeup so that I make sure I use everything and it doesn't get too messy. But when you have quite a lot it is pretty easy to let things get out of control! Meaning I'm always looking for cheap storage solutions for my desk and on shelves to display everything nicely and in an organised fashion. 

I'm nowhere near as organised as I'd like to be but I thought I would share with you a few storage solutions that are so cheap and pretty. 

Of course if you don't shop on eBay you can find similar storage boxes in stationary shops and Muji.... just without the bargain price tags.


Makeup Box Organiser 
£1.5 - here 
This is a simple card desk tidy that is made up of 3 different tiered compartments. Ideal for small items in the first 2 compartments and then brushes in the 3rd higher compartment. Of course being made from card it may have some wear and tear over time but for a super cheap storage solution it's a great option. 

Large Makeup Box Organiser 
£3.80 - here 
Another card organiser but that has a bit more structure to it with 7 different compartments and comes in a choice of red or green. This really could hold a lot by the look of it. Again tiered making it ideal for small makeup items at the front, palettes and bottles in the mid section and brushes at the back.

Tiered Makeup Box Organiser 
£2.79 - here
I'm not sure on the print of this one but it was so cheap I couldn't ignore it! This contains 9 different compartments and really will hold quite a lot. Ideal for someone starting out in makeup that's in their teens.

Acrylic Lipstick Storage Holder 
£1.97 - here
This is one storage solution I own and absolutely love! For under £3 this is a gem of a buy and I'm tempted to get a few more. This currently holds all my favourite lipsticks and sits on my desk next to my Muji Storage Drawers that cost a lot more than this stand. You can read my full review of the lipstick holder here.

Drawstring Storage Bags 
Various designs £3.48 - here
For the past few years I've stored all my hair tools in a large canvas bag which is hung in my wardrobe. You simply lift the metal bar that is the clothing rail and hook on both handles of the bag you want to use, then you can simple store hair products and tools in it. These drawstring bags would be ideal for this, especially hair products and brushes. Really love the 'Life is Beauiful' one.

 Woven Large Bag 
Various colours £2.58 - here 
This is an ideal bag for holding all your different hair tools in the way I mentioned above.  Hair Dryer, straighteners, curlers, this would hold the lot instead of being tangled up on the floor or in a drawer. In fact I've just purchased one of these as I could do with some more storage for different hair tools. 

Hopefully this has given you a few makeup storage ideas to look at!

Fee xo.

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