Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder


When it comes to high end products I feel it's fair to say most people expect a certain level of quality and luxury. For me Clarins are a brand that get that spot on, especially with their limited edition pieces. Every detail is thought of, from the intricate details to shades that are universal. 

This specific palette has been a favourite of mine since March and for some silly reason I haven't got round to reviewing it until now. But thankfully even though limited edition it can still be purchased online at Debenhams here (reduced to £27 at the moment!)... I have a pet peeve about mentioning products that are sold out you see!

The Clarins Palette Eclat Face & Blush Powder is a blush and bronzer palette, or if you have medium toned skin possibly a complexion boosting face powder. 

This beautiful powder is so finely milled, feeling silky smooth under the finger and when swept over the cheeks. And as you can see the powder is embossed with a beautiful iris flower and different raised textures that really is a work of art to look at. The packaging is equally amazing... though prone to fingerprint, with a light gold metal finish. This also comes with an inside mirror and of course a lovely red velvet Clarins pouch to keep it scratch-free. 


The bronzer itself is quite a cool toned contouring shade and can be used for contouring or as an all over bronzer if used with a small contouring brush - I use the Real Techniques Contour Brush for this which works perfectly without picking up any other shade in the palette. 

 The peach and pink blush strips sadly can't be used individually but are highly pigmented (these aren't just over spray on the palette!) so sweeping over the left hand side with a blusher brush is enough to pick up a lovely light peachy pink hue. 

This can also be used with a large powder/blusher brush over the entire palette for a peach bronze shade that looks great on the cheeks and blended up to the temples. This is from the Spring 2013 collection however I really feel these shades can work anytime to give a flush of colour or to add subtle definition to the face.  


I would say this is best suited to pale skin tones to be able to use this palette to it's fullest, the bronzer is just spot on for fair skin as it's not that warm and is matte, it also blends effortlessly. The blushers shades are also perfect for pale skin as it just gives a brightening flush to the cheeks that seems to wake up the skin! 

I nearly forgot to mention about the scent! This is also scented with a light violet that is so beautiful... though it of course doesn't linger on the skin. A total added bonus for me as violets are one of my favourite scents.

 Overall this is an amazing palette that I am still just as in love with months on and heading into a different season. I also personally feel it is worth the £30 price tag as it looks so special! 

Fee xo.

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