Soap & Glory Sit Tight Intense XS Review


It's been a whole 3 years since I first reviewed the Soap & Glory Sit Tight Serum and was fairly impressed with it. So I as the packaging has been totally transformed with an interesting roller ball feature I thought I would review it again! 

I have to admit I did have my reservations with the 'new & improved' Sit Tight (Boots - £16.50 here) as compared to the older style packaging it contains 75ml products less product and is also £2.50 more than it use to be! This is clearly due to the added roller ball head but I'm still not sure if I like that it contains less product - sneaky, sneaky S&G!

Now I won't go in to an in-depth review as I feel the effects of the serum are pretty much the same as they where when I first reviewed the product (review post here). The cream does give noticeable results with continuous use and compare to other slimming/toning cream this really is good value for money. I also think S&G are missing a trick slightly as this also works well on stretch marks which isn't mentioned on the packaging, but again I have seen noticeable results which have impressed me!


However I want to focus more on how the new(ish) packaging affects the product and if it aids results!

As you can see the end of the tube features 3 metal roller balls that are designed to massage the skin as the products is dispensed, as well as an on/off function so that you can carry on massaging the skin without any more product being dispensed. If I'm honest I am on the fence with this as it does have equal pros and cons. Pros - I do actually think it gives a much better application, the roller balls really massage the skin well. The other benefit is you don't get any of the cream on your hands (which is quite strong smelling and not something you'd want in your eyes or mouth). So I have been appreciating I can apply this before bed without needing to wash my hands after use.

Cons - But the downside is that is roller balls can be slightly uncomfortable on certain parts of the body which you definitely wouldn't have got if applying it by hand. Also I can imagine using up all the product inside the tube to be quite difficult as the product needs to be pushed past the metal balls and the tube does bend quite easily. So I'm just not too sure if the packaging change is a good thing or not! 

Either way if you are wanting a cream like this that will firm the skin and improve its appearance then this is the cheapest product you are going to get!

For best results especially if you are using the product for an upcoming event/holiday I would also recommend drinking enough water and of course a healthy diet. 

Fee xo.

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