Oh My Haul - Fragrance Direct Order #2


As most of you will know I am a huge fan of the Fragrance Direct website and I have another haul to share with you today. I actually try to not look on the site too often as I'm sure to place an order if I do! So now every few months I will go on the site and place a nice sized order and treat myself a bit. 

What I love about Fragrance Direct is the range of products, from cheap nail polishes to brands and products that aren't easily available on the high street. Plus of course the low prices -but that's a given!  

Here is my recent order that consists of mostly impulse buys which I would never do when out shopping but as the prices are so low I make an allowance. I also picked up 6 new nail polishes, all of which I am really pleased with.

Makeup bits...

Now I did say most of my buys were impulse ones but I did have my on the Une Healthy Sun BB Cream Bronzer (£3.99 here) so that went straight into my basket and so far I'm really liking. I was also on the hunt for a waterproof mascara, just in case we have another heat wave before summer is out... unlikely I know, so I decided to try out the Astor Volume Artist Waterproof Mascara (£2.49 here) which if I'm honest I went for because of the silver packaging and low price, but hopefully it will be a nice mascara! I also picked up another Rimmel Moisture Renew Lipstick in Pink Chic (99p here) as I can't get enough of the formula and I can't say no at a mere 99p (these are £6.49 in Boots)! I may have to do a collection of all my Rimmel lipsticks at some point as they are my high street favourites. 

Impulses purchases came in the form of an interesting foundation that I hadn't come across before - L'Oreal White Perfect Pearl Foundation (£3.99 here) which I'm really liking so far, amazing for oily skin types. Also the Manhattan Japanese Ink in Brown (99p here) as eyeliner pens in brown are hard to find and I love my winged eyeliner!


Nail Polish picks...

Oh how nail polish on Fragrance Direct are my weakness! I don't think I have ever placed an order from the site without including a few nail polishes, I really cannot resist the £1.99 Essie polishes and 99p Revlon shades. 

The nail polishes I went for from left to right were - Essie Hip Anema (£1.99), Essie Avenue Maintain (£1.99), Revlon Minted (99p), Revlon Popular (99p), Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear Chocolate Nut (99p), Maybelline Forever Pro Ceramic Blue (99p).

I'm so pleased with all the shades but my favourites have to be Sally Hansen Chocolate Nut as it will be perfect for Autumn/Winter and Maybelline Ceramic Blue for being such a perfect smooth looking shade. I'm also really loving Essie Avenue Maintain as I don't have any bright blues in my collection!


Haircare buys...

I actually have more than enough hair products at the moment but I couldn't resist the look of the Osmo Intensive Deep Repair Mask 250ml (£2.95 here) and it wasn't a let down! The tube is actually iridescent which is oh so pretty and the mask is vanilla scented mmm. 

I also decided to try out the Tigi Rockaholic Shampoo Bar (£2.50 here) as I have been curious about this product for such a long time now and it's SLS-free. I thought it would be worth trying out before my holiday in November because it would be very handy to take with me instead of quite a large amount of shampoo. Plus it also doubles up as a body wash bar! I'm sure to do a review on this once I have tried it out fully. 

My whole order came to just over £25 which is pretty impressive considering how much I bought. But I also worked out I saved £55 - Amazing!

I love you Fragrance Direct! 

Fee xo. 

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