Savvy Sunday Skincare - Morning Skin Care Routine


A slightly late Sunday post but it's here all the same! Today I thought I would discuss the first part of my skincare routine; my morning routine. 

As you will see it isn't overly complicated, with a mix of high end and low end products. But as I like all things cheap I will give cheaper alternatives for the more pricey skincare products as it is only in the past 6-7 months that I have decided to invest more in to my skincare. 

On waking due to my slightly oily skin I find I need to wash my face but not overly so, so I opt for a mild foaming SLS-free wash with the Organic Surge Daily Care Face Wash 200ml (John Lewis - £5.49 here) as Organic Surge is mainly online I like to order through JL so then I can click & collect from either JL or Waitrose for free. I use this every morning and rinse my face by splashing it with warm water. 

Though I do use my Clarisonic (QVC - £175 here) 2-3 times a week with the wash as it leaves my skin feeling amazing and so much brighter as it's helped remove blackheads and dead skin cells. A much cheaper option to the Clarisonic would be a manual facial brush such as the L'Occitane Face Brush (£5.00 - here).


Next I like to use one of the Lush Toner Water, I alternate between A Breath of Fresh Air and the Tea Tree Toner Water 100ml (Lush - £3.95 here), to just wake me up a bit more and refresh the skin. I don't believe this step is of much benefit but I enjoy it all the same. 

Once I have finished in the bathroom I head into my makeup room and apply all my skincare products before applying makeup. If I'm having a makeup free day I still apply these three products as I feel they are of benefit to my skin. 

First I apply the wonderful Organic Surge Eye Gel 15ml (Look Fantastic - £8.15 here) which is the first eye 'cream' that doesn't give me spots around my eyes or make them look puffy. Using this really does make my eyes feel and look awake, so I couldn't not use this now! Straight after applying the eye gel I apply a serum which I have come to realise is an important step. I use the Elemental Herbology Cell Food Serum 30ml (Space NK - £45.00 here) which is absolutely amazing... but you would hope so for the price! This soaks in to the skin almost immediately and you can actually see the skin looking more perky and radiant. A nice alternative to this is the Botanics Radiant Youth Super Serum 30ml (Boots - £9.99 here)

After waiting a minute or so to make sure the serum has fully soaked into the skin I then apply my wonderful Snowberry Bright Defence Day Cream No2 (quite hard to find on the internet sadly - £59.00) which is especially for combination skin. I thankfully found this on eBay at a bargain price but had used Snowberry products in the past. This is an absolutely perfect moisturiser that is thin but so perfect for oily/combination skin, also the Rob Ryan illustrated packaging is lovely. A good cheaper alternative to this is the Superfacialist Tea Flower Mattifying Moisturiser 75ml (Boots - £12.99 here) though a slightly thicker moisturiser than the Snowberry one this really benefits the skin as it's full of good ingredients. 

I find my morning skincare routine is simply and quick but highly effective for keeping my skin hydrated and radiant. 

If you have a blog and have wrote about your own skincare routine I would love for you to leave a link to it in the comments. 

 Fee xo.

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