Disliked Beauty Products #3


Today I thought it was about time for another Disliked Products post. 

Since starting these posts I really have got more use to 'dissing' products and not feeling bad. Yes, of course brands may read my blog and spot me slating their product but nine times out of ten I will like other products by them and they can hopefully take on board my criticisms. Also I feel it's realistic that I talk about the products I dislike as I talk about the products I love so often.

Below are a few products I've rounded up that I have been thoroughly disappointed with this time, for all different reasons...


Decorware Inc. Milk Bath Remedy in Sugared Hibiscus Candle
This was a TK Maxx/Homesense purchase that I randomly picked it up for the lovely packaging and the 'Sugared Hibiscus' scent. But sadly it was a huge let down when I burnt it as it just didn't smell of anything. Don't you just hate that? When you buy a candle and you can't even smell it or it just gives you a headache! The only redeeming thing about this is that I plan to stick the candle in the fridge and remove the wax and the sticker on the front so that I can re-use it as a cute storage jar.

Organic Surge Citrus Mint Shower Gel 
Now this may seem like an odd one to include as I usually love Organic Surge and I always go for SLS-free products... which this is. Well here is the thing... I normally go for products that state No SLS/SLS-free on the front and then also check the ingredients list on the back, but I couldn't spot any ingredients on this product so I just went on with using it and enjoying it (I later realised they put their ingredients list down the side of the tube - hard to spot). However when I came to review it I went to the product page on the Organic Surge website to only discover it contains Ammonium Lauryl Sulfate! Now for me this is under the Sulfate/Sulphates umbrella and I would never buy anything containing this specific ingredient. So I'm annoyed that I have been using the Organic Surge Shower Gels all this time and didn't realise and now can't continue to use them. However if you don't care about SLS's then I do recommend this, as it's a lovely shower gel.


Nip + Fab Lip & Nip Fix
This came with a Nip + Fab gift set I purchased many months ago but you can actually purchase this alone for around £8-9 so I was expecting a fairly nice product. Now firstly I don't get why you would want a product for both your lips and nipples but I can cast that aside. My dislike for this product, and it is a big dislike, is the actual balm. It is made from 100% Lanolin which is also known as 'wool wax' or 'wool grease' which is basically what is secreted from the glands of wool bearing animals.... lovely I know.

 Now that is verging on enough to put me off however it gets worse as the balm is actually yellow, thick and waxy! So thick that I had a job getting it out of the tube... so you can imagine the feel of this over your lips - very waxy and heavy, not nice at all. The last thing I hate about this balm is the scent, now if I hadn't of smelt this smell before I think I'd be okay with it as it's quite subtle but as I know what the scent is, it really turns me off the product. You see back in my school days I went on one of the most boring trips to a mill to learn all about the industrial revolution *yawn* and we got to make our own wool from greasy sheeps wool... which smelt exactly like this product! So as you can expect linking that previous smell to a beauty product is pretty damn awful!

The Body Shop Adzuki Bean & Rice Washing Grains
This was a sale purchase from a few months ago and oh, how I have tried to like this product. I had my eye on it for awhile in TBS but at £8 I couldn't justify it but when it was reduced to £3.60 online and I snapped it up. The idea is the washing grains can be used dry as a harsh exfoliator or wet in the shower or even mixed with shower gel, it can also be mixed in with a cleanser for a face scrub. Sounds like a great multi-use product right? Well sadly I found the texture of the product to be similar to a grainy washing powder and also smelling like it too. I was expecting something that was virtually fragrance-free but this is so scented that I didn't want to use it on my face at all. As for using it as a body scrub it was just too weak and dissolved into the shower gels I mixed it with. Also the jar is so impractical even though it looks nice.


 Mirenesse Secret Weapon 24hr Mascara 
I received this little mascara sample with a Latest in Beauty box and was quite eager to try it as mascara minis are always great for taking on holiday or just trying out before any possible purchases - especially the case with this mascara as it retails for £20+. But sadly I was pretty disappointed to discover that the mascara sample was pretty much empty/dry! To the point I struggled to even coat my lashes fully with it! Maybe I got a duff sample but for some reason I feel like all the samples would have been like that, just a hunch. 

You can find my previous disliked product posts here.  

Fee xo.

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