Paco Rabanne Lady Million Perfume Review


As my brain has been in an autumnal mood for the past week I thought I would share with you a recently acquired fragrance that is ideal for less warmer months or as an evening scent. 

Paco Rabanne has long been a fragrance range I purchase from, mainly for my love of Ultraviolet Woman (it's now quite an affordable fragrance due to how old it is but still amazing) and then 1 Million which is actually a male scent and also the most popular from the brand. However due to the mass popularity of 1 Million, Lady Million was born and is just as wonderful and luxurious as it's male counterpart. 
Firstly on to the gold diamond shaped bottle - I personally love it, from the square spray top to the weighy feel and the light reflecting top. However from the images alone I can see how this could look like a tacky bottle for the price. So definitely a perfume that will have divided opinions - I'd love to know what you think of the bottle?


As for the most important aspect of the fragrance - the scent, this is a really well blended grown up scent that smells rich and sophicated. As this is so well blended it is hard to pick out any notes but I will say that it's a slightly spicy honey perfume that is warm yet strong. But as I say this is more of a combined blended scent that just smells sophicated and well made. 

I personally can imagine wearing this spritzed onto a scarf or snood come Autumn as the scent really does last... I'm talking a good 6 hours or more here. Or when going out at night as this is glam enough to work at an evening scent. 

Of course all perfumes smell different to each nose and skin but if you do like your more grown up perfumes that aren't overly heady or have liked 1 Million in the past then this is one to definitely try a tester of. 

You can find Lady Million at Essential Fragrances for £36.50 for 30ml here or £49.50 for 50ml here

What is your go-to  scent for autumn/fall?

Fee xo.

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