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Just a short but sweet post today... as lets face it, I think we are all making the most of this hot weather!

Which kind of links in with today's post on hand sanitiser gels. A pretty boring product I know but a very handy one, especially in hot weather when we are spending more time outside - eating, shopping, at the beach etc

Here I have picked out three lovely scented hand sanitizer gels that I use without a cucumber or alcohol scented one in sight. 

Soap & Glory Hand Maid Hand Cleansing Gel 50ml 
Boots £2.50 - here  
This is probably the most popular hand gel in Boots as it's by S&G and comes with added cute packaging. The Hand Maid gel is the same scent as The Righteous Butter, so if you are a lover of that scent then this little product needs to be in your handbag. Quick drying and a great one to carry in your bag to remove makeup swatches when there are annoyingly no tissues available!
Cuticura Anti Bacterial Hand Gel in Passion Flower & Mango 100ml 
Superdrug (and Boots) £1.49 - here
Cuticura is a good brand to go for when picking up a hand sanitizer gel as they are the best value at £1.50 for 100ml and can be found in Boots, Superdrug and various supermarkets. This specific scent is a great one for summer and ideal for keeping in the kitchen, on your desk or in your handbag if you have sticky little child fingers to deal with.

Bath & Body Works PocketBac Japanese Cherry Blossom 29ml 
eBay £2.84 - here  
  These are probably the most exciting hand gels get - 1. Because they are from Bath & Body Works 2. Because they come in every scent you can imagine! Plus £2.84 isn't that much to spend on a scent you really like (though these are only $1.75 in the U.S!). What I particularly like about this hand sanitizer gel is the small little beads in the gel that burst when the hands are rubbed together to sanitise them. Great little addition for your hand luggage or beach bag on holiday with scents such as - Island Nectar, Pink Lemonade, Ocean Sunset and Fresh Picked Apples. 

Hope you are all enjoying the amazing weather at the moment! 
Fee xo.  

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