NOTD - Color Club Magic Attraction


I'm sure I have mentioned this nail polish before on Makeup Savvy but it is truly my favourite glitter/holographic nail polish so I thought it deserved another mention.

Holographic nail polishes are great to wear under artificial lighting as all the different colors are picked up but equally so in sunlight so this is my favourite to wear in summer as it just looks amazing! 

Color Club offer quite a range of glitter and holographic shades and along with Nubar they are my favourite nail polish brand for these types of finishes. Magic Attraction by Color Club is my all time favourite hologram nail polish though as I love a silver hologram polish and this looks like thousands of gems on the nails catching the light. 


In fact these images actually don't do the holographic-amazingness full justice! The nail polish bottle in the above left image gives you an idea of many different colors the holographic finish glows when in direct sunlight. It really is an amazing mixture of greens, pinks, oranges and blues.
 You can find Color Club Magic Attraction on eBay for £11.99 with free p&p - here.

My one tip when it comes to any holographic nail polish is to add a clear top coat; the more glossy the better! Not only does this make the nails look and feel smooth but it just brings the holographic glitter to life. I always apply two coats of top coat to give that really smooth look and it makes the nail polish last a lot longer. This time I used my trusty Seche Vite and was so pleased with the finish, so it's definitely worth using your best top coat.

If you're in to your holographic nail polishes, let me know your favourite? 

Fee xo.

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