NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balm Collection


Since summer has truly arrived I thought I would share with you some of my favourite products to use in hot weather this week.

I have mentioned the NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balms before but recently I have added two more to my collection and have been really enjoying using them in the hot weather. 

The lovely NYC glossy lip balms are a low priced product at only £2.49 each in Superdrug however some shades from the U.S range are appearing in pound shops lately so you may grab an even better bargain! 

 Below are two UK shades - Caramel Apple and Applelicious Pink and two U.S shades - Garnet Gala and Apple Blueberry Pie. The U.K range consists of 4 shades, which isn't that large however you can pick up some of the U.S shades (and UK shades) in Pound shops like I have mentioned.
nyc _pplelicious_swatches

What I love about the Applelicious Glossy Lip Balms is they are a true tinted lip balms, their color pay-off isn't too bad at all and they feel totally weightless on the lips, making them perfect for hot summer days when lipstick or a sticky lipgloss just feels like too much. Also I really love the sour apple scent of these and the packaging - really great for only £2.49 each!

My most worn shades would be Caramel Apple as this is a perfect nude tint.... not a common tinted lip balm shade, and also Applicious Pink, which I actually took on holiday with me last year and used none stop. I actually ruined the packaging by taking it to the beach and getting suncream and sand on it, so I had to re-purchase it after my holiday. But it really was all I used during the day for two whole weeks!


 As for my two recent Poundland purchases - Garnet Gala and Apple Blueberry Pie (both U.S shades) I am more than pleased with them as they seem to be even more pigmented than the other shades I own. Apple Blueberry Pie is quite a berry toned tinted lip balm which I think will be perfect for autumn when I opt for my berry toned lip products and Garnet Gala actually contains quite a bit of glitter/shimmer and have a lovely ruby red tone to it which just screams Christmas to me! 

I really feel these are totally over looked products on the high street and cannot rate them enough. Great for summer days or keeping in your bag for when your lip gloss/lipstick wears off. 

You can find the NYC Applelicious Glossy Lip Balms at NYC stands in Superdrug stores for £2.49 or online via eBay for £2.75 here

Fee xo.

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