All Used Up... But Would I Buy Again? #2


I always love to read posts like these, I guess because you have to actually use up the whole product, meaning you can then really give your full opinion on it and say whether or not you will be repurchasing. 

So I decided to save up quite a lot of my empties over the past two months and do quite a large post! 


Fresh Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15
eBay around £10.00 - here  
I've been trying to make this last for the longest time as Fresh just isn't that available in the UK... still! There is a shop in London and you can do mail order but still it's just doesn't have a presence on the UK market. This really does feel like a luxury lip balm/treatment from the packaging and the formula also continues this theme as it just instantly softens lips. The only thing that I didn't love was the scent of the product, from the name 'Sugar' I instantly thought it would be warm and sugary but its actually quite a fresh lemon scent. Would I repurchase? - If this was sold in Selfridges/Space NK and I could pick it up when out shopping then yes! 

BareMinerals Instant Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover 47ml 
Full Size 120ml Feel Unique - £12.75 here
This was a mini size that I received with a BareMinerals set. The eye makeup remover is a dual-phase liquid that combines together when shaken to create a highly effective makeup remover that isn't overly oily. This has to be the best eye makeup remover I have tried and even beats Clarins eye makeup removers, which is saying a lot! Would I repurchase? - I have quite a few eye makeup removers on the go at the moment so no, but I will probably purchase a Bare Minerals set that contains this again at some stage.

Ted Baker Sweet Treat Purse Spray -  Polly 10ml
Superdrug £10.00 - here
This came as a set at Christmas (you can purchase the perfume on its own) and is a handbag friendly size. Really love the packaging of this and the very sweet scent. It's definitely not for everyone but it is a grown-up sickly sweet perfume. A great one for summer! Would I Repurchase? I did like it a lot but properly not, as £10 for such a small size isn't great value for money. Would prefer to spend under £10 on a Body Shop Perfume Oil that lasts a really long time.


SLS-Free Shampoos  

Bed Head Tigi Shampoo Mini Foxy Curls 75ml 
Amazon £3.75 (cheapest available sadly) - here
I purchased a few of these last year on Fragrance Direct and went on to buy a full sized tube because I loved the shampoo so much, plus repurchased some of the mini sizes as they were only 99p at the time! This is a great SLS-free shampoo that doesn't feel natural/organic in that it isn't watery or herbal smelling... in fact it smells of pick and mix! Would I Repurchase? Well I have done and know I will continue to do so!  

Fushi Total Repair Herbal Shampoo 250ml 
Feel Unique - £13.75 here
A really lovely organic shampoo here from a brand I really like (they do an amazing organic coconut oil!). This is a fairly pricey shampoo and is a bit more than I'd like to spend but I found that I didn't need to use a lot of this, unlike a lot of SLS-free shampoos, so it did last longer. The scent is a lovely fresh citrus herbal scent that I really liked and it foamed up well. Would I Repurchase? This is a lovely summer shampoo so I think I will treat myself to it for my holiday later on this year. 

Naked 2-in1 Jam Sandwiches Shampoo for Kids 250ml 
Boots £2.99 - here
I purchased this because it was cheaper than the normal Naked Shampoos (£4.19) and I wanted to see if there was any difference.... plus I liked the idea of the 'Jam Sandwich' scent! Sadly this didn't impress me at all and left my hair very tangled after shampooing, so much so I had to use more conditioner than normal. I did stick with it as you can see but I really didn't enjoy using it. Definitely one to use on children's hair but not for adults! Would I repurchase? Sadly not. I will be going back to purchasing the normal Naked shampoos.


Mavala Acetone Nail Polish Remover 100ml mini size
Beauty Bay £3.50 - here
I purchased this on clearance in Boots as I was interested to see how a higher priced nail polish remover would perform.... as I wasn't convinced there would be much of a different to warrant the higher price tag. Even though I did like the remover it still didn't convince me that higher priced nail polish removers are worth it. Even though this did remove nail polish without drying out the nails and cuticles I did use it up very quickly! Would I repurchase? Definitely not.

Pretty Quik Instant Nail Polish Remover 30ml 
Boots £2.50 - here
Another nail polish remover but one you just dip your finger into. This is a pretty cheap version (though Poundland now do their own version in a much larger size!) so I thought it would be worth trying out to see if I liked it. Sadly this was a bit rubbish in that the sponge was way too soft and ended up ripping and breaking down. Also this didn't remove nail polish that fast. Having said all of that the small size would be ideal for taking on holidays. I have now discover the Bourjois Magic Nail Polish Remover which I highly rate! Would I repurchase? No.

Yes To Tomatoes Conditioner Mini 60ml size 
Full size 500ml Feel Unique - £8.20 here
This came with a gift set quite some time ago, which I actually repurchased a full sized shampoo from. I love the smell of the Yes To Tomatoes range and enjoyed using this, however I didn't feel it conditioner my hair amazingly well as I do like a deep conditioner. Would I repurchase? No, but I do love a lot of products in the Yes To range. 

Batiste Cherry Dry Shampoo 200ml 
Boots £2.99 - here
 I wouldn't like to imagine how many Batiste Dry Shampoos I have been through in the past year, but it seriously is a staple now. They do run out fairly fast which isn't great but they are a fairly low-cost product so I don't mind. I have tried pretty much all of the different scents but of course loving cherries this one is my favourite and I love the aerosol can design! Would I repurchase? Always! 

I think I will be making a conscious effort to save up all my empties from now on so that I can bring you more regular 'All Used Up' posts. 

Fee xo.

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