Happy Feet - 4 Summer Cooling Foot Products!


As we are currently experiencing a bit of a heatwave in the UK I thought I would write a post on cooling/protective products for the feet. 

I can personally tolerate the heat but when it comes to shopping or walking for any amount of time when it's hot my feet ache like no ones business! Which is why I have tried quite a few foot care products now and have a few favourites to prevent rubbing/blisters and a few favourites to also cool my feet down after I've been on them all day. 

Kiwi Foot Silk 100ml
Tesco/Asda £3.70 
This is the prefect product for when you know you will on your feet all day or out shopping in the heat (or when wearing new shoes for the first time). The spray is described as 'an invisible stocking for ultimate barefoot comfort' and I really have to agree. This of course won't stop your feet from aching but this will prevent blisters and rubbing. The spray doesn't have a great scent and does smell a bit chemically but it really does the job. Also the size and light weight of the spray can makes it great for taking out you in your bag when shopping and you feel your shoes rubbing against your feet. 

Vanilla Puff Dusting Powder 50g
Lush £4.50 - here  
This works in a similar way talc would on the feet... but with a lovely vanilla scent to it.  It just soaks up any moisture (basically sweat) to prevent rubbing, which can lead to blisters. This isn't really something you would take out with you in your handbag but is a nice product to use after stepping out of the shower. Plus it has so many other uses as well! You can read my full review of the dusting powder here.


Montagne Jeunesse Blueberry & Peppermint Foot Cooler 80ml 
Amazon £6.00 - here
 Montagne Jeunesse are known for their face masks but now they have started to branch out with body butters, body scrubs and foot masks. I personally think this is great as I always seemed to enjoy all of their products and they are an affordable brand. This specfic Foot Cooler is quite impressive as you apply this to the tops of the feet, heels and ankles and then it dries to a powdery, chalk finish (this doesn't wipe off like you would expect it to) and becomes very cooling. This is so lightweight that it feels like you haven't applied anything to the feet so you can relax and enjoy the super cooling sensation. Really this is sweet relief when you have hot, achy feet. You can find my full review of the foot cooling mask here

Nip + Fab Stiletto Fix Leg & Foot Balm 75ml 
Look Fantastic £9.95 - here  
This is a minty refreshing balm/moisturiser for the legs, feet and heels for when they are tired and heavy feeling. I personally enjoy using this on my lower legs... so ankles and up to my calves and on the heels of my feet after I've get home from shopping. This gets to work immediately to cool the feet and relieve that tired and heavy achy feeling. Also as it's a balm it soaks in fast so you can get up and walk about without sliding all over the place! A really nice refreshing and soothing moisturiser for both the legs and feet.

If I had to pick the best products here it would have to be the Kiwi Foot Silk for preventing blisters and sore feet and then the Montagne Jeunesse Foot Cooler Mask to cool the feet down at the end of the day. 

Hope this has been helpful for some! 

Fee xo.

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