10 Minute Pre-Shower Pamper


When it comes to pampering myself I manage to apply a face mask weekly, which I'm pleased I keep up. But that is it, I don't pamper myself in any other way than that.

So now I have got in to a little routine of pampering myself pre-shower with a few various products. 

First of all I turn on the shower and quickly wet my hair and scalp, then turn the shower off and towel dry my hair. This sounds a bit faffy but it takes all of 2 minutes and it definitely allows the hair products to work more effectively I have found. 

Next taking the Philip Kingsley Exfoliating Scalp Mask 20ml (Look Fantastic £4.45 - here) I apply it to my scalp using the nozzle, going from my hair line to the back of my head in 4 different sections, then massaging it in. I don't have a particularly flaky scalp but I  sometimes feel it's quite dry and slightly itchy so using this almost feels like it renews my scalp. I always feel the benefit of using it. 

Then using The Body Shop Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter 50ml (The Body Shop - here) I apply this to the mid length and ends of my hair and pin it up off my back using one of those huge claw hair clips (I picked mine up from Primark for around £1.50 - really handy to keep in the shower). TBS Hair Butter is meant to be used after shampooing but I have found it works better on slightly damp hair pre-shower... a great mini for taking on holiday as well. 


Next I always apply a clay mask of some kind. One I have found to be really deep cleaning but not dry is the Mudd Original Mask which you can purchase for £1.01 for a single application or 10 Application Pack 100ml (Boots £4.99 - here). This really is an effective mask and you can actually see the oil being extracted and soaked up as the clay mask dries on the skin! The Amie Cooling Clay Mask is my favourite for summer and when my skin is being good but the Mudd Original Mask is a more intensive treatment for when I have a few blemishes and noticeable blackheads.
Whilst letting my face mask dry I then grab a nice oil, this can be a body oil, a cuticle oil or even virgin olive oil! Which I add a few drops to a bowl of warm water and soak my nails in for the remaining time, which will be around 5 minutes. This really is a nice nourishing treatment for the nails that helps the nails to not break off and grow faster.

Once my 10 minutes is up I jump in the shower and remove the face mask with a flannel and rinse my hair. 

I find this a nice way to fit time in to relax every week! How do you pamper yourself and what products do you like to use?

Fee xo.

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