The Beauty Game Changers


So what is a beauty game changer?
 For me it is when you discover that product that blows all the others out of the water and heightens your expectations of that type of product. 

For example, after years of using conditioners you try out one that transforms your hair like never before. You are literally amazed and then you realise that is what a conditioner should be like. That is a game changer. 

So here are the products, out of my entire collection, that I would consider as my own 'game changers'. These have impressed me like no other product of it's type before and every single one will be forever re-purchase... unless I discover something even better that is!


Essie Ridge Filler
£6.18 - eBay here
Before discovering the Essie Ridge Filler Base Coat I had tried a few base coats but got in to the habit of using them everytime I painted my nails as they just didn't seem to do much. Yes, they prevented my nails from staining but that was it. Then I discovered the Essie Ridge Filler and it was almost like a primer for my nails. Not only does it prevent nail polishes staining my nails but it smooths out my nails to give a perfect base to apply my nail polish on to. With painting my nails so often now (they literally see the light of day maybe once a month!) they have become quite ridged so this really is the perfect solution! 
Recommended to - Anyone with ridged or mature nails. Also if you paint your nails a lot with bright or dark shades. 

Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer 
 £4.19 - Boots here 
If you ask any beauty blogger to suggest a good highstreet concealer 9 times out of ten this is the one they will recommend. The Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer is the best coverage concealer I have ever tried for under the eyes and on spots, whilst also not looking cakey or dry. I'm on my 4th or 5th tube of this now and really can't see myself ever straying from it any time soon.
Recommended to - If you want a full coverage concealer for spots that will look natural and not caked on!


Tony Moly EggPore Primer 
£8.00 - eBay here
This silicone based primer is what I would call heavy duty, so not for everyone or for everyday use. But this was the first ever primer that I just thought "yes!". Unlike other primers it actually gives an air brushed effect to the skin and smooths over blackheads and pores to really reduce the appearance of them. Then once foundation is applied you practically cannot spot any unsightly pores. The only downside is I can't use this daily as it doesn't let the skin breath, but if I could I really would as it does an amazing job. So I do limit my use of this and use it a few times a week and when I'm going somewhere special.
Recommended to - If you want a primer that will cover large pores and smooth out wrinkles. Great for occasional use when you want your skin to look it's best.
Origins Super Spot Remover Gel 10ml
£12.00 - Boots here
After reading so many great reviews of this product I decided to shell out £12 for what seemed like a teeny tiny bottle. But this really is far more than that and I'm so glad I decided to purchase it. Before using this spot treatment I had never found a super effective solution for my spots and used a combination of spot treatments every time a spot appeared. Now I solely use this as it truly is a spot remover. Yes, it is drying if you apply it over more than the area where you have the spot but if you make sure to apply it just to the spot then it will reduce it within 24 hours and dry that bad boy up within a few days!
Recommended to - Anyone suffering from large spots or breakouts that wants to stop the spots from developing or to reduce the size and redness. 
Moroccan Oil The Original Oil Treatment 25ml
£12.85 free p&p - HQ Hair here
For the past 4 years I have been trying out post hair washing treatments and all have worked fairly well... but none had given me the amazing results that Moroccan Oil has to offer. I really did want to kick myself when I tried it at the tail end of last year for not trying it sooner as this wonder product tamed my hair like no oil before and soaked up so much water from my towel dried hair that is cut the drying time in half. This oil not only smooths down split ends but it makes my hair look and feel softer, not to mention removing that annoying natural wave I developed as my hair dried. This is a tad pricey but you really do need so little that it's totally worth it!
Recommended to - This works best on over processed, dry or frizzy hair. 

What are your beauty game changers? 

Fee xo. 

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