New NYC Nail Polishes for Spring 2013


A few new pastel nail polish releases from the budget brand that is NYC today.

The NYC In A NY Colour Minute Nail Polish range have some of my favourite high street nail polishes. Favourites have to be Rock Muse Smoky Top Coat (£1.99), Full Metal Jacket (£1.79) and their clear Quick Dry Top Coat (£1.79) which is in fact my all time favourite clear top coat! I find the formula applies well and evenly, the drying time to be pretty damn speedy and the finish to be glossy, plus they are so affordable. 

The 3 new spring shades which are available now in Superdrug stores are  - Raindrop, Spring Tulip and Blue Sky (all £1.79 each) which brings the In A NY Colour Minute Nail Polish range total to 21 nail polishes. 


All three nail polishes are cream formulas (so no shimmer or pearl finish to them) and are ideal for spring. My favourite has to be Blue Sky as I love blue pastel nail polishes however I will say I don't see the point in a similar blue shades being one of the three new nail polish shades. I would have loved to have seen a pastel peach or mint shade instead of Rain Drop. 

To try out all the new shades I decided to do some quick watercolour nails (you can find my easy to follow tutorial here) with the base colour being Raindrop.

NYC have also recently launched a totally new nail polish range - Foil Explosions (£3.99). I will be showing swatches and I am almost sure some of you will love them but they just aren't my cup of tea!

Fee xo.

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