Amazing £1.99 Lipstick from The Fragrance Shop!


Today I think I have the ultimate savvy beauty product to share with you. This amazing red lipstick ticks all the right boxes for me and is a mere £1.99! 

Salvador Dali Rubylips Lipstick is a rich and creamy ruby red lipstick that is available from The Fragrance Shop online - here and can be delivered to store for free so no additional costs are incurred! 

Firstly I think I need to talk about the amazing packaging! Never have I seen a lipstick in the shape of a pair of lips before, and even though it clearly is tacky I really do love it! I'm really not sure who the lipstick is by as of course it isn't Salvador Dali himself however the lipstick shape is inspired by one of his paintings titled 'Il volto di Mae West' which is where the iconic lips sofa came from.

 As for the lipstick itself I really wasn't expecting a lot but I was so surprised when it applied with ease and was amazingly pigmented in just one swipe. Also this is somehow comfortable on the lips but long lasting which I didn't think I would get getting for only £2. Plus as the packaging states it does have a shiny finish to it which I feel makes the lips appear plumped up/ fuller.

In actual fact other than a lovely deep red lipstick I have fron NYX I don't own a rich red shade similar to this, so I know I will be getting a lot of use out of it.

 The only negatives about this lipstick would be the granny scent to the actual lipstick but when it is on the lips it somehow isn't noticeable at all. Plus it probably does need a lip liner if you wanted a neater finish with not feathering... I was just lazy and applied it straight from the bullet.

For £1.99 this is definitely worth picking up if you're in to red lipsticks or love quirky makeup packaging.... or even as a unique but cheap gift.

Fee xo.

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