My Top 3 Moisturisers for Combination Skin


Skin is a difficult old thing isn't it!

 From my teens until my twenties I was adamant my temperamental combination skin didn't need moisturising. I had visions of any cream making my skin more oily and breaking me out, so I stayed well away from moisturisers.

However over the past 5 years my knowledge of skincare has grown so much and I now realise I should have been using a moisturiser all along, even on the dry areas of my face at the very least. With better skincare knowledge I have now incorporated a few light moisturisers that have really helped my skin out. It did take a lot of trial and error with moisturisers that were too thick/heavy but I finally have three moisturisers I wouldn't be without.


No7 Beautiful Skin Day Cream for Normal/Oily 
 £12.50 here
This was the first moisturiser that I felt I could use daily and it wouldn't over hydrating my skin. It is light, gentle and plumps up the skin slightly before foundation, which it creates a nice base for. When I have a dry patch (normally on my head or the sides of my nose) I really moisturise this on to the area and the dry skin vanishes. 
If you feel your skin type is confused with the odd blemish and dry patch then this is definitely worth giving ago when the No7 £5 off skincare vouchers are around... which is now!
Positives - Specifically for normal to oily skin, contains SPF, Hypo - allergenic.
Negatives - It's in a pot; not hygienic, not fragrance free.


Kiko Skin Glow Light Effect Day Cream 
£12.90 - here
Kiko is still a bit hard to get hold of in the UK, unless you live in London and can visit one of two amazing stores. However you can shop online but delivery costs are a bit steep at £5.90 (as the products come direct from Italy!). But if you are shopping at Kiko because it's actually an amazing brand (think MAC for the shade ranges but a lot cheaper) then this day cream is a must for summer for all skin types. I say this because it is just so light and soaks into the skin immediately. 

So even though this cream isn't specifically for oily/combination skin types it will work well with it... unless you have super oily skin and don't want to add a glow/shimmer. For me I use this on days when my skin is feeling quite balanced - not too oily, not too dry and it just add a subtle glow to my skin before I apply my foundation. This could also be used on it's own for makeup-free days. I have tried many creams that have an added shimmer but this one is just spot on as you can't detect the shimmer when it's absorbed into the skin. It just brightener the whole face somehow. Really impressed. 

Positives - Super light, brightening, contains SPF, nice packaging.
Negatives - Only 40ml, not fragrance free.


Super Facialist Tea Flower Mattifying Moisturiser
£12.99 - here Boots online or in-store
This is the moisturiser I turn to when skin isn't behaving and is becoming overly oily in areas and I'm seeing breakouts. The mattifying moisturiser of course does just that - mattifies the skin before applying makeup but it also re-balances the skin after continuous use. So as I mentioned, if my skin is feeling a bit rubbish I ditch my other moisturisers and stick with this for a week or so and with spot treatments (Origins Spot Remover) my skin does get back to normal. 

Also for the price this really does feel like the ingredients are beneficial for the skin and a lot of thought has gone into making it a moisturiser that is just right for oily skin that is feeling unbalanced and needs sorting out. 

Positives -The ingredients - contains Salicylic Acid, great quality for the price, larger than normal volume with 75ml.
Negatives - None that I can see! 

It is tempting as a beauty blogger to try out more moisturisers (and skincare products in general!) but I have realised my skin is happy with the products I use and know adding more in to the mix is risking breakouts etc. So for now I have my No7 Day Cream which I use the most, the Kiko Skin Glow for when I want a glowy, fresh finish and to enhance when my skin is at it's best and finally the Super Facialist moisturiser for when my skin needs some good ingredients to get it back on track after being rubbish. I also sometimes use the Organic Surge Blissful Daily Moisturiser (£8.49/50ml) if I have any really dry patches that need sorting out instantly.

Finding a moisturiser when you have oily/combination skin can be difficult, but trust me finding the right one for your skin is more than worth it! 

Fee xo.

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