Battle of the Lip Scrubs - Sara Happ Vs. Lush


The Lip Scrub market is a pretty small one, in fact I can only name three companies that sell  little pots of lip scrub. But I personally feel there should be more as they make great lip care products and always look so lovely. 

Maybe in the future they will have a bigger presence in the beauty industry but until then I thought I would compare two lip scrubs that I own and are availible in the UK.
Two yummy sounding lip scrubs here but at two very different prices (the price difference is nearly £14). So it should be interesting to see how they fare against each other!


My first experience with a Lush Lip Scrub was with the festive limited edition 'Pow Wow' which was a bright green popping candy scrub with a lovely zingy taste to it. Lush now offer three Lip Scrubs - Popcorn (previously a festive limited edition), Mint Julips and Bubblegum all priced at £5.25 from Lush online and in-store..

The Lush Lip Scrub comes in a weighty glass jar with a good screw top lid, which for the price is impressive. This definitely makes it feel worth the £5.25 price tag. However from owning a lip scrub from Lush before I do know the paper sticker on the top and label around the glass jar does get a bit worst for wear and tatty looking. But on the whole the packaging does please me!

The texture of this lip scrub is a problem for me as there is nothing to bind it together making it quite a dry sugar (with a slight bit of oil in there) consistency. This means when you try to scoop up some scrub to use on your lips you do need to almost pinch/scoop it as it doesn't stick to the finger to easily rub it on the lips. However the texture does feel fine on the lips even though it does crumble off slightly.

 In my head I imagined this scrub to be some kind of yummy buttery popcorn but I will admit in reality it isn't what I expected and I do dislike the taste. The problem I have with it is the  salty and sour taste which I just wasn't expecting - I also know a few other people that dislike this scent/taste. But I'm also sure some will love it. I think me and the Bubblegum Lip Scrub would be a lot better suited! On the label it actually states you can lick the scrub off your lips which I do with my Pow Wow scrub and it's soooooo good!

Scrub Factor 
The exfoliating sugar grains and sea salt in this do make for a good lip scrub and it does really prep the lips before applying a lipstick/lip product. However after exfoliating the lips they do feel like they need a lip balm so I tend to use the lip scrub after washing my face, as I'm getting ready, then apply a lip balm. Then after I have applied all of my makeup I wipe off the lip balm and apply a lipstick. I feel it does need to be slightly more moisturing but for a lip scrub it definitely works.

Sara Happ's range of luxury lip scrubs came about when she realised there was a hole in the beauty industry for them, so as a lover of all lip products she created the lip scrub line with other lip products to follow and a body scrub. The Lip Scrub range comes in 6 different scents/flavours in the UK - Vanilla Bean, Brown Sugar, Cocoa, Blood Orange, Peppermint and Red Velvet, all priced at £19.00 from Beauty Bay.

Now clearly the outside packaging is lovely - the bow, the little box... just ideal for giving as a gift. However for £19.00 the lip scrub itself is quite a cheap feeling plastic jar, which is a let down if I am totally honest. If it was a glass jar like the Lush Lip Scrub (which is a much cheaper product!) then this would be a truly luxury product all round. I do however like the labelling and the clear lid so you can see the scrub.

After trying the Lush Lip Scrub and it being quite a dry scrub I was expecting this to be a bit more 'together' being a more expensive scrub. But 'together' just isn't the word for the consistency of this... it is gooey, sugar-y and just perfect.

Describing a taste is as hard as describing a fragrance/scent so I will just say that this is the yummiest lip product - ever! It tastes exactly like vanilla and sugar... and just to explain how much I love the taste of this, it advises to wipe off the scrub once done exfoliating the lips, but I just lick it right off as I feel I can't waste it! This may be bad but I really don't care.

Scrub Factor 
 I would say this is a medium scrub, not too harsh feeling as you exfoliate the lips as the sugar granules feel quite a good size. Plus as  it contains two lovely oils and petrolatum it leaves the lips with a balm feel, almost like after using a luxury body scrub, which keeps the lips hydrated... something I really like about this lip scrub! My lips after using this are smooth and hydrated.

The Winner
For me it has to be the lip scrub by Sara Happ. Yes, £19.00 is steep for a lip care product however such a little amount is needed that I am certain this will last way over a year and more. However if the price is just too much (which I can understand!) there is an interesting Missha Melting Sugar Lip Scrub (£5.92 from eBay here) that does seem fairly similar. I'm sure I will be trying it out in the near future to see how it compares.

If you have tried any of the Lush Lip Scrubs I would love to know which is your favourite flavour as I'm sure I will give another one a go! 

Fee xo.

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