The Endless Choices of Hair Removal


When it comes to hair removal it seems like such a simple task... and it is, if you can find a method that is right for you! However for myself I seem to be constantly overwhelmed by the choices that are out there

For most of my adult life I have opted for shaving, though hated how the 'prickle' appears within a day or two. So then I moved on to Hair Removal Cream in the shower which I found to be a good option but I just couldn't put up with the poignant smell of burnt hair that lingered constantly in my bathroom and even on my skin! Then I tried waxing... once. Let's just say never again, I removed the hair and skin from my armpit and felt like my arm had been in a car crash the next day. My next exploration with hair removal was purchasing an Epilator which I strangely didn't mind (my sister also tried it and told me the pain was worse than child birth, so everyone is different!) however I found it just took too long per leg and of course epilating the bikini line and under arm areas were no go zones because that would be hell on earth on the pain front. 


I am currently trying out a home laser hair removal system which is a fairly pricey option but if done right does promise permanent hair removal which would be a dream come true. No having to worry about when to apply fake tan in summer, no constant purchasing of hair removal products, never having that feeling of stubble and basically just having silky smooth skin! But like all the other hair removal options there is a downside and the downside for home laser hair removal is time. As the laser is so smaller it is a laborious process if you want to do a large area such as the legs... which for the price you would want to do! However having now tried laser hair removal it has opened my eyes to the idea of professional laser hair removal which while still an expensive option does seem appealing as I now know that you do really need to set time aside for it and keep it up to be affective, so booking sessions that you have to stick to would guarantee this.  I would however go for a company I have heard of such as laser hair removal from sk:n clinic which are known to be very professional and specialise in all different skin conditions and treatments. This isn't something I would go to my local beauty salon to get done as saving up for this would be an investment for me to end my hair removal woes and so I would want zero hair growth by the end of it. 

But for the time being I am back to shaving (with a men's replaceable blade razor as they seem to do a better job) and also using the home laser hair removal on my under arms (so far, so good as the hair is stopping growing in some places). 

However boring a topic it seems I would LOVE to know your choice of hair removal (if of course you have one) and how you get on with it.

Fee xo.

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