NOTD - MUA New Nail Polish in Pistachio Ice Cream


Today I have a lovely nail polish from the new MUA range, that looks rather similar to another nail polish brand we all know of! 

From what I can see MUA have released 18 new shades in new bottles and with new brushes. So still the original formula. They have also finally given shade names to each nail polish which I am so pleased about as I hated just shade numbers. The shade names are also spot on with names such as - Koala Bear, Amaretto Crush and Mud Pie!

I only picked up two of the new shades as the MUA stand at the Superdrugs I visited was pretty bare, but that is no wonder seeing as it is a new range, they come in some lovely spring shades, are only £1 each and of course look like mini Essie polishes! 

 As you can see I picked up Pistachio Ice Cream and also Frozen Yoghurt (below) which I cannot wait to try out. You can see all the new shades here or find them in any Superdrugs with a MUA stand.


 I have spotted quite a lot of comments on various social media platforms about how annoying it is of MUA to basically rip off Essie with such similar packaging, and I do have to agree to a point. It doesn't really annoy me that much at all and I am quite pleased with the improved look of the bottles as they will look more aesthetically pleasing on my nail polish rack, especially for only £1. But as the do look so similar to Essie nail polishes I know people will now wonder how they fare against Essie nail polishes and really they are a million miles apart from each other. So it is clear to see why MUA have done it and it is a bit naughty of them but at the end of the day people should realise they won't be as amazing as Essie for only £1 and if they do then hopefully it's only £1 lost

Ramble aside, Pistachio Ice Cream is a lovely shade that is perfect for Spring and will suit all skin tones. The only downside is that as it is a cheap pastel nail polish you do have to apply this more carefully as it can look a little streaky and wonky around the nail line. However this only needed 2 coats for me. As you can see I also added some little gold polka dots with a Fine Sharpie Marker. 

What do you think of the new MUA nail polishes and also how naughty do you feel it is of MUA with the copy cat Essie-esque bottles? 

Fee xo.  

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