Current Non-Makeup Favourites


I truly love make-up but at times I feel like I enjoy skincare products that bit more especially when they do the job perfectly and smell amazing

So here are my current favourite non-makeup products that I cannot get enough of! 

The Body Shop Coconut Perfume Oil
£7.00 - can be found on eBay (various TBS perfume oils here
It isn't summer just yet but I have already pulled out my favourite spring/summer fragrances and this perfume oil is one of them. This is more of a rave about The Body Shops Perfume Oils more than anything else as they have just brought them back again (the Coconut one isn't available anymore) and they are just amazing for the price. Over the years I've had over 5 different perfume oils and they have all lasted me well over a year, sometimes even tw. They last all day on the skin and really are just amazing. I think my next one will have to be the Madagascan Vanilla Flower Perfume Oil. 
Garnier Anti-Dark Circles  2 in 1 Roll-On  in Light 
£10.19 - Superdrug, Boots, Tesco etc 
I purchased this last month on a whim when it was on sale in Tesco as it was a product I wanted to try out but didn't want to pay full price for *scrooge*. I loved the idea of the metal roller ball being cooling for the eye area but couldn't see the point of it as you can't exactly roll it back and forth at it would release too much product. However I have finally realised that after using a full coverage concealer I can apply this over the top as it is so light and really acts as a wonder highlight. So I now use this under my eyes to brighter the area, on the top of the cheekbones and even down my nose, then I effortlessly pat it in to my skin. I can really understand the past hype around this product now.

Ponds Eye Contour Cream 15ml
£7.99 - Boots here / Amazon here 
I've tried quite a few eye creams in the past 3 years even though I thankfully don't have wrinkles just yet, however I've never noticed any difference to the skin around my eyes from using eye creams and half of the creams I have used have made my eyes itchy, especially before bed! However I think I have finally found the perfect eye cream for me and amazingly it is only £8.00. The Ponds Eye Contour Cream can be used all over the eye area and even rubbed into the lashes and hasn't created any stinging for me at all, so it clearly is okay for sensitive eyes. This is also the first eye cream that has given me results in the way of softening the skin and less puffiness especially when I don't have enough sleep. A really great eye cream for the price!
Waitrose Baby Bottom Butter 125ml
£2.16 - Waitrose here or in-store
With this being Waitrose's bestselling skincare product I had to try this out for myself... and oh, how it is love! I cannot believe how much I love this bargain £2.16 balm. This 100% deserves a full review in the near future but really if you do shop at Waitrose, just buy it. Don't think about it, just buy it. I have seen reviews of this were women have used it on their face but having oily skin I have been using this on body - mainly my chest and neck before bed. But I have also realised it makes a wonderful lip balm. The consistancy of this is soft and buttery and my nose is sure it smells of white chocolate!
The Lip Scrub Vanilla Bean by Sara Happ 30g  
£19.00 - Beauty Bay here   
Sara Happ products are the creme de la creme of lip care with amazingly scented products in beautiful packaging (I'm actually kicking myself I didn't photograph it in the lovely box). Being a huge fan of lip care in the form of lip balms and scrubs I was so pleased to try out this Vanilla Bean Lip Scrub. The scrub really is the yummiest thing to use on the lips in the morning before applying any lip product. It removes all dry/dead skin on the lips and leaves a little oil residue on the lips to keep them hydrated, also the scent of this is incredible. It doesn't suggest to eat this but I have to admit I do once I have finished scrubbing my lips with the sugary granules. Another product that deserves a full review soon. 

What skincare/non-makeup products are you loving right now? 

Hope you all have a lovely spring weekend. 

Fee xo.    
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