Models Own Artstix Nail Beads Review

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Models Own are coming at us thick and fast with their new products at the moment

Their newest additions are the Artstix Nail Beads which I'm sure many of you will be happy to hear are available to buy right now - you can find them online here, at the Westfield Bottleshop and in Boots stores from today.

The Artstix Nail Beads come in 5 different shades, all priced at £4.00 each and include a world first: neon nail beads, which really are amazing! 

As you will see below there are so many ways to get creative with these beads. You can of course cover every single nail with the nail beads or go for an accent nail. You can also use them as singular micro beads for a polka dot look, you can even scatter them across the nails or you even mix different colours of beads together!

Models_Own_ Artstix_nail_beads_review

The new range consists of - Gold Fizz , Black Fizz , Orange Fizz , Green Fizz and Pink Fizz which come in smaller glass bottles than the Model Own Polishes. Each bottle has a screw top and a small opening so you can pour out the bead on to the nails. 

The instructions for use on the packaging are very straight forward. You simply paint your nails and while they are still wet you pour or place the beads on the the nails and lightly press down. However I decided to paint my nails and then once they had dried apply a clear top coat. The reason for this is if I applied too much nail polish to my nails and then pressed the beads lightly on to my nails I knew there would be a chance of the beads sinking into the nail polish or smudging it. Also by using a clear top coat you can apply it to an area of the nail so they only stick to that part. 

Once your nail polish has fully dried the nail beads really do stay in place which did impress me as I was expecting them to catch or fall off around the tips within an hour or so. However due to them being so lightweight they stayed put without the need of a top coat.


Here I have tried out two different nail looks. For my first attempt at using the Models Own Nail Beads I used Gold Fizz on my ring fingernail as as accent/statement nail and painted the rest of my nails with Models Own Jade Stone. I wasn't sure how well the beads would cover so I used a gold nail polish as the base (this totally wasn't need as I found out) and then I applied a clear top coat and poured on the nail beads. There were a few gaps, but using the side of a pair of tweezers I simply pushed the beads in to place to cover the spaces. I also used the tweezers to push the beads slightly around the edges so it gave a really neat finish. 

For my second nail look I applied two coats of Models Own  Snow White and a clear top coat and then simply scatters the Black Fizz Nail Beads onto each nail. This was super easy and of course you use less beads this way. I do however wish with this look I had mixed in a few different colours of nail beads in there with the black.


I also decided to try out a few ideas I had for the nail beads on a nail wheel instead of applying and then removing my nail polish constantly! As you can see I tried out 5 different looks with all of the beads in the collection.

 I think my favourite idea has to be using the beads as singular beads (second in from right). It does take a steady hand but placing the beads spaced out gives a totally different use and look to the beads. I really cannot wait to try this out with the gold nail beads over light nude nails. Which nail look do you like the most?

So far I really am impressed with the quality and shades of the new nail beads and how they create such a different look on the nails. However as I am fair with all my reviews there is a down side to the beads, and that is how messy they are! Not really messy is the normal sense but even if you place a dish under your nails to catch the excess beads it is then impossible to place them back in the bottle. The packaging does show a miniature funnel being used to place the beads back into the bottle but this doesn't come with the nail beads so really what is there to use?! I did try to create a small funnel with a piece of paper however it just didn't work. So you can either attempt to place the excess beads back into the bottle and reate a bit of a mess or you just waste them by throwing them in the bin.

Overall I am really liking the new Artstix range (you can find my post on the Artstix Duo Polishes here). 

 What do you think of the new Artstix Nail Beads? 

Fee xo. 

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