Hello Spring!


Yesterday I felt Spring had finally arrived! After a rainy start the sun came out and it actually felt warm, warm enough to open a few windows, which prompted some tidying that led on to a full on spring clean. 

I'm not one for spending the whole day cleaning & tidying on a Sunday but as the sun came out I noticed how dusty things actually looked and how much painting needed to be done (which will be another time), so I decided to give everything a bit of a clean. I then decided to organise quite a lot of things in my kitchen, makeup/office room and then finally my wardrobes. I'm now writing this pretty exhausted but with a lovely clean spring-ready house. 


In my dining room I gave my glass console table a good clean (I seem to have a lot of glass furniture!) and added some yellow flowers in a white half vase to tie in with the yellow wallpaper in my living room. The yellow flowers I've had for over 3 years now as they artificial, so I keep re-using them in different areas! I also stacked up some recent magazines on the table next to it and added a lovely new Neom candle (review to come soon). 

On my dining table I added some fresh tulips which I think look perfect for spring, though I know won't last long until they are all drooping over the sides of the vase... so I am thinking I may have to track down some artificial red tulips so it can become a permanent feature on my table during Spring. 

In the kitchen I decided to stack some cookbooks and the odd gardening book instead of displaying them the usual way and added my favourite white gluggle jug next to them. On the other side of my kitchen I added a wooden wine rack that is from Next.... though it contains more bottles of Malibu than anything else. 

For my makeup room I didn't actually have much to do except for add a few new pretty things to my desk such as the lovely Blue Willow tray and my perfume bottle car boot find. I did contemplate cleaning my Muji storage but decided that could be left for another day... hence the no photos as the storage has foundation fingermarks dotted all over it... oops! 

I also added some magazines to my magazine stand which is actually an old shop fitting, but does the job perfectly of holding my many magazines that I can't throw away. I also gave my wardrobe a good clear out and placed all my winter clothes in a huge plastic  container to go up into the attic so I have more room for summer clothes (this is something I started doing a few years ago now and it helps so much with space). I also added some new gift bags to my clothes rails (just A4 sized paper gift bags) that I use for holding underwear, scarves and accessories. Plus I attached a canvas shoe rack to the rail which I actually place rolled up t-shirts plus shoes in as I actually don't have any drawers, so hanging organisers really are a great way to create some type of extra shelving in a wardrobe.

Another little trick I did to finish of my spring cleaning was to add some verbena & lemon perfume/essential oil which is meant for a burner onto some cotton wool pads and placed them down the back of every radiator, so when my heating is on the scent will be released more. 

Really hope you have enjoyed this slightly different interior post and hopefully it has given you a few ideas if you are planning a little spring clean yourself.
Fee xo. 

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