5 Ways to use L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat


Last week I posted a nail of the day of the wonderful L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat (here) which like myself you all seemed to love!

As it's such a lovely top coat I thought I would try out a few ideas with it and realised you can achieve so many different looks with it. So here are my 5 favourite looks using the top coat. Hope you like them! 


I wasn't sure what to call these nails at all as they are just the reverse of glittery tips but with the L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat. For this I used the wonderful Color Club Blue-Ming and then instead of painting on the top coat I dabbed it slowly along the bottom of each nail close to the cuticle and then lightly swept over it with a clear top coat to smooth out the confetti and bring it up the nail slightly. I love the colour combination here but this would also look lovely with nude nails I think.

An ultra simple idea with matte confetti nails. Here I used my favourite matte top coat - Models Own Pro Matt Top Coat but I have heard the Rimmel Matte top coat is also quite good. This just gives a different look to the nails and I think it looks best when applied over quite a bright colour with the Confetti Top Coat over the top.

For these nails I decided I wanted a messy ombre look with the confetti nail polish just on the tips. I actually think these nails look like speckled feathers which is quite nice. To do this I dabbed on the black (Rimmel Black Cab - my favourite black) with a cut up makeup sponge, making sure to build up the opacity. Then I lightly painted the Confetti Top Coat on to the tips of the nails. Another very simple nail look which looks like you have made an effort with your nails.


I love Jelly Sandwich nails and I'm so pleased with how these turned out. I simply applied two coats of Kiko 209 as the base nail polish, then a single coat of L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat and then finally another thin coat of the Kiko 209 nail polish over the top. Very simple to do but it gives a different look to the Confetti finish. 

These would have to be my least favourite nails just because the mixture of the gold base (NYC Full Metal Jacket - £1.79) with the multi glitter (Models Own ASOS Party Pieces - £4.00 here) and the confetti top coat all seems to clash. In hindsight I would probably have been better with a none shimmery/metallic base nail polish to let the glitter and confetti be the focal point of the nails. I will however be trying out these nails again but with a nude base. 

The L'Oreal Confetti Top Coat £4.99 is still a little tricky to get hold of though it is available on the Boots website (here) and it is worth looking anywhere with a L'Oreal stand - Boots, Superdrug, Tesco etc. 

Fee xo.  

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