Winter Essentials: Super Hydrating Products


The snow may have gone but the cold weather is still upon us and will be for some time yet. So I thought I would share with you my selection of super-duper hydrating products.

These are all truly moisturising products that have stood out from all the rest and really do tackle all different problems that can be caused by cold weather. Without realising it, all the products I have selected are made from either good ingredients or are organic, so my biggest tip when looking for nourishing products is to go for the best/simplest ingredients or go organic! 

Oils for the hair, face, body and nails...

In the past few years oils have really become a lot more popular. Body oils have become more sophisticated and less greasy, hair oils have become the 'it' product to try and facial oils were finally seen to be beneficial for all skin types thanks to Clarins Face Treatment Oil.

For the body
Garnier Ultimate Beauty Oil 150ml 
(Feel Unique - £6.80 here)
This is the perfect remedy for dry, flaky skin. It is quite deceiving as it appears to be a light/thin oil in the bottle however this couldn't be more hydrating if it tried! The light non-greasy oil can be quickly spritzed all over the body (I love using this after a shower) and doesn't leave a heavy or sticky feeling to the skin but nourishes it much like a body butter or thick moisturiser would. If you have dry, flaky skin caused by winter then this is a must!

On the face
 Botanics 100% Organic Facial Oil 25ml
 (Boots - £9.99 here) *On sale for £4.99 at time of post*
Facial oils are great for dry skin and this is a great budget friendly one. Now I personally have oily/combination skin so this is way too hydrating for my own skin but I use this on my neck in upwards motions and also the smallest amount on my forehead where I have dry skin (I do this once a week as it is so hydrating). I would highly recommend this as a night treatment for dry or more mature skin as it just feels so nourishing and relaxing to massage it into the skin before bed and the scent is also quite sleep inducing. 

For nails & cuticles 
 Champneys Cuticle Softening Nail Oil 10ml
  (Boots - £8.50 here)
Any type of oil is going to be good for the cuticles especially it you apply it often (I always apply mine before bed) however some oils can be quite thin. I especially like the Champneys cuticle oil for the pepit/dropper but also it is just the right thickness of oil. Tip: With all cuticle oils you can add a few drops to warm water and soak your hands to really soften and hydrate the cuticles, nails and hands.

For dry hair 
Moroccan Oil 25ml 
(HQ Hair - £12.85 here)
In winter hair can become dull and dehydrated and even after using conditioner it can look rubbish once it has dried. So you want someone that will really hydrate the hair whilst it is drying so it will seal in the moisture... which is what Moroccan Oil does! Moroccan Oil isn't an award winning oil for nothing, this is some seriously good stuff for the hair. Whether you suffer from brittle/dry hair, split ends or even fizz, just a tiny bit of this oil on towel dried hair will have it looking sleek and shiny in no time. Really a wonder product that totally tranforms the look of your hair! 

Creams for dry skin, hands and lips...

For dry, chapped lips
 Bepanthen Ointment 30g 
(Boots - £2.50 here)
Yes, this is nappy cream and yes, I am suggesting you apply this to the lips... but no I am not mad! This cream is without a doubt the best thing to apply to chapped or extra dry lips. Bepanthen on the skin does feel quite thick and tacky but on the lips it couldn't be more different, it is smooth and sensitive and soaks into the lips quickly leaving them so much smoother and I'm sure the ingredients speed up healing time. Also a tube of this will last you a lifetime.  

On any rough skin
Weleda Skin Food 75ml 
(Look Fantastic - £8.95 here)
This thick orangey-herbal goodness truly is food for the skin. This is the thickest in consistency of all the products I have mentioned in this post but this is truly one for extra dry skin, particularly thicker dry skin such as on the knees and feets. But I have also found it is an amazing anti ageing cream for on the back of the hands. I can't say my hands are showing signs of ageing just yet but this really does plump the skin out and bring life back into cold or over washed hands. You can also find a 30ml travel size for £4.95 here.

For the hands
Balance Me Super Moisturising Hand Cream 30ml 
(Balance Me - £6.00 here)
When it comes to hand creams especially if you have sore, chapped hands I would always recommend an organic hand cream and they are just so much more affect and you also don't want the nasty unnecessary chemicals of a normal hand cream getting into any cuts or broken skin. This is quite similar to the Weleda Skin Food in that it is thick and herbal smelling and also very moisturising. This is great to use when a cuticle has ripped down the finger and is quite sore but you want to moisture it or when you have sore hands from over washing them (I actually keep this next to the sink). 

Hopefully this has given you some ideas for super moisturising products. If you have your own holy grail hydrating product let me know as I always love trying out new body products! 

Fee xo.

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