Models Own Ice Neon Collection with Swatches!


A totally new Models Own collection today - Ice Neon! 

5 new shades, £5 each, frosted bottles, super pigmented fluoro neon shades... and all to be kept refrigerated!

Models Own new Ice Neon collection is like no other previous collection. These 5 new nail polishes have been inspired by the trick of keeping glow sticks in the fridge to make the glow of the stick last longer. So Models Own have applied the same principle to these super neon shades.

*I really need to stress here that my camera highly dislikes neon colours and refuses to capture how bright they actually are. This is what has happened with these nail swatches, so you will have to imagine the shades 3 times brighter than they actually appear in these images!*

Release date info can be found at the bottom of  the blog post.

The 5 new shades consist of (from left to right in the above image) - Bubblegum. Luis Lemon, Pukka Purple, Toxic Apple and Pink Punch

As you may be able to spot there are a few shades that have already been released as normal polishes, such as Toxic Apple and Pink Punch. However these new shades have a matt finish (I would say it is more semi matte) and are more pigmented and slightly brighter. I know this as I swatched the new Pink Punch with the normal MO Pink Punch to compare the two. 

Now am I really convinced about this refrigerating them malarkey to keep them staying bright and the specially designed frosted bottles to withstand the cold. Basically not really. I'm not saying it is utter rubbish but like most beauty brands they are using something new to make the range more appealing and interesting. So I do believe the bottle is just a frosted glass bottle which without being frosted would withstand the temperature of a normal fridge. However I do think if you did kept these polishes in the fridge they would stay brighter for longer but I'm talking keeping them for years and years. 


Favourite from the Ice Neon collection - Bubblegum. Just so bright and neon... this will be perfect for summer on both fingers and toes. 
Least liked from the Ice Neon collection - Pukka Purple. Slightly hard to apply and also I just don't see purple as a neon shade.

Application wise like all Models Own nail polishes these apply really nicely and only need two coats, though the yellow shade Luis Lemon did take 3 coats and Pukka Purple was slightly difficult to apply for some reason.

As for the finish,they are more of a semi matte than matte and the only thing I could compare this to in finish is a balloon, kind of a tiny bit shiny as you can see in the images above. However once you apply a clear top coat you do notice the difference and it is transformed into a glossy nail polish. I personally think a glossy neon shade is much nicer, especially for summer. 


Here is a nail swatch of Pink Punch (which sadly doesn't look at all as neon as it does in real life). As you can see the finish with the Models Own Top Coat is a lot more glossy and I would actually say it makes the neon shades look brighter as they reflect the light more, if that makes sense.

On the whole this is a perfect collection for Spring/Summer 2013. I can definitely see myself wearing Luis Lemon and Toxic Apple come Spring and then Bubblegum and Pink Punch in Summer. Actually one thing I really noticed about Pink Punch is that is actually warms up the skin, which sounds a little odd but because it is so bright it actually made my skin look slightly tanned as opposed` to being quite fair. So definitely a great shade for summer. 

You can these nail polishes on your nails on the 9th March from the Models Own Bottleshop, located in Westfield Shopping Centre. Or you can pre-order on the 1st March from to guarantee delivery before 20th March. Or if you aren't in any rush you will be able to find the full collection in Boots stores nationwide from 22nd March. I think I have covered everything there!

What shade from the Ice Neon collection do you like the look of most? 

Also any Models Own fans please tell me your favourite ever nail polish from MO! I need to add to my collection.

Fee xo.

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