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I love my gadgets and cheap eBay buys so I thought I would write a post today on two accessories that I have recently purchased and really love. 

Both are under £5.00 including p&p and from UK sellers. In fact one of the items I purchased was from an eBay seller I have used before to buy my glittery acrylic nail polish storage/stand, which I can't express how much I love. You can find that post here


iPhone/iPod/Blackberry Acrylic Stand - £2.50 Free p&p
Glitter - here, Clear - here, White - here, Black - here

For such a long time I have been trying to prop up my phone to watch YouTube videos while I get ready at my desk or do my nails. However every time it fails and my phone ends up falling over or I have to stretch to actually see the screen. So I decided to have a look on eBay for a simple stand that would solve the problem. I instantly came across the seller I had previously used so I knew that the quality would be good. 

I actually thought I would just be able to use this stand portrait but it turns out I can actually use it landscape as well so that the video fills the whole screen, which is so much better. It is effectively just a piece of acrylic but I love that is it glittery and does exactly what I need for only £2.50! Perfect. 


Nebula Out of Space Galaxy Glossy back case for iPhone 4/4S
£4.95 free p&p - here

I was after a lovely Nebula case for my iPhone and this is the one I went for. I of course love the image as it is so mesmerising but I purchased it for the glossy back (most seemed to be a matte finish) and also the clear plastic sides, so that it didn't look too bulky. 

Really impressed with the quality of the image and it also has clear cut outs for all of the ports which is good. Not a lot to say about this except I love it! You can also find other galaxy phone cases with the same eBay seller. 

 If you are an iPhone user I hope this little post has been helpful! 

Fee xo.
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