Current Favourite Lip Balms


I mention the odd lip balm every now and again here on Makeup Savvy but it's been quite a long time since I wrote a post just on lip balms. 

I'm still addicted  as ever to lip balms with multiple choices by my bed, in each room of my home and in every handbag. So I thought I would let you know which lip balms I have been most enjoying in the past few months when lip balm has been most definitely needed! 

Lip balm for me is an essential product. My lips don't get overly dry, even in winter, which may be down to using lip balms but I do love the way a lip balm makes the lips feels. I also love different flavours of lip balms from vanilla ones that taste a bit like cake to ones that taste like like sour sweets or juicy cherries... which you may notice in my reviews below as I like to associate the flavour of a lip balm to a specific food!

Here are my current four favourite lip balms...


Jason Lips Bee Healthier Lip Balm 
eBay - £3.49 free p&p here
I received this is my January 2013 Glossybox (contents of the box here) and I am so glad it was in there as it wouldn't have been a product I would have tried otherwise. This pretty much look likes a boring lip balm but this glides on the lips and makes them feel lovely. But what has got me so hooked is the flavour, it actually is After Eight mints but in lip balm form! As it is minty is just slightly tingles the lips but really it probably the least tingly mint lip balm I have tried, so there is no need to be put off by that. I know already this is a lip balm that I will have to re-purchase as I will use it all up in no time.

Nivea Lip Butters in Raspberry Rose & Caramel Cream
Superdrug - £1.49 Caramel Cream (free p&p until Feb 14th) here
Also available in Boots, Asda etc 
My favourite lip balms/butters on the high street here! These are just amazing. Forget Vaseline, Palmers, Blistex. Nivea are totally on the money with these lip butters. They are thick and buttery and apply so well to the lips keeping them moisturised without feeling heavy with product or sticky. There are four different flavours but Raspberry Rose and Caramel Cream as just amazing. Raspberry Rose reminds me of a yummy raspberry yoghurt and Caramel Cream is like buttery popcorn... so nice! I really cannot rate these more highly. 

Balmi SPF 15 Strawberry Lip Balm 
Boots - £4.99 here 
 Balmi lip balms launched late last year and since then I have managed to try nearly all of the flavours in the range. I have just finished using up the Balmi Coconut lip balm which I loved and actually took on holiday with me and cannot explain how handy it was on the beach. Yes, it did get sand around it, so made a crunchy noise as I closed it but no sandy fingers going into a lip balm or getting on my lips which was great. Also the flavour was perfect for warm weather. I am now onto using the strawberry lip balm and really liking it. The flavour is a little more synthetic than the coconut one but I really actually like that and I am a bit addicted to how it feels to apply it. If you have been wanting to try out the EOS lip balms then this range is a great accessible option.

What lip balms do you like to use? 

Fee xo.

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