My Signature Scent - Guerlain Insolence


Over the past 5-6 years I have tried/owned so many perfumes. Right now I do have quite a large collection which I try to rotate but I always go back to one fragrance and re-purchase it time and time again - Guerlain Insolence. 

Insolence doesn't remind me of a certain time or memory but I feel the fragrance sits really well on my skin and also suits my personality. It is definitely a young feminine scent that doesn't smell cheap in any way. It is also very sweet and smells strongly of violets (like the parma voilet sweets!) which I really love. So for that reason it does make it a love or hate perfume... though I have found most people do really like it thankfully.

Guerlain Insolence is described as... 

Insolence from Guerlain is a fruity floral surprising, audacious, feminine fragrance. Succumb to the sparkling and unexpected sensuality of Insolence. This fruity floral is a daring blend of brilliant red fruit and a beautiful, luminous iris that reveals surprising notes of violet. This is a new, radiant and high-voltage violet, a triumphant violet that registers at the opposite end of the spectrum from the shy whisper usually used to treat this flower in half-shades and shadows.  

 Another reason why I love Insolence is the longevity and sillage of the EDP fragrance is really great. I love how this lingers on clothing and scarfs and how I can still smell it on my skin even towards the end of the day. Also who couldn't love the bottle either! 

I would actually say there is quite a big different between the Eau De Toilette and Eau De Parfum versions... I feel the EDP matures a lot more nicely and lasts so much better, so I always go for the EDP. Boots may currently have this on sale in-store but online the fragrance is pretty much sold out! You can purchase it however from Feel Unique for £42 - here. Also there is a lovely gift set on the John Lewis website for £27.75 - here and I can confirm that the body lotion is really lovely to use and does intensify the perfume.

Insolence won't be for everyone but I feel it suits me really well and I can't imagine ever going off it unlike other perfumes in the past. 

Do you have a signature scent? If so, what is it?

Fee xo. 

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