Emotional Brilliance Liquid Lipstick at Lush!

Lush Emotional Brilliance lipstick range

One of my blog resolutions was to include more swatches in product reviews and so I am jumping right in with some lip swatches today.

My little set-up of having a mirror behind the camera worked well but I still need a tripod and better lighting... which will only come when it's not winter anymore! 

But anyway, onto my review of the amazingly pigmented Liquid Lipsticks from Lush...

There are 14 liquid lipsticks in the Emotional Brilliance range (launched July 2012) along with liquid eye shadows and eyeliners (full range - here). The liquid lipsticks come in cute 5g glass bottles with doe foot applicators and would be best described as a hybrid of a matte lipstick cream and a normal lipstick

To apply, these feel quite similar to a matte lip cream but once dried feel slightly more like a normal lipstick and comfortable and lightweight on the lips. As you will see from the swatches below these are super pigmented! These really do stain, so when fading accures you are left with a lip stain which is really nice. However for a less bold lip you can really blot these out and leave as a stain or add a lipgloss or lip balm over the top - something I really like to do when wearing these during the day.
Lush liquid lipstick range

For most of the liquid lipsticks the doe foot applicator works really well however with the really pigmented deep shades such as Decisive and Confident I feel using a lip brush to pick up the lipstick from the applicator would be neater or using a lip liner first then applying the liquid lipstick would stop any possible bleeding around the lip line.

My favourite shades would have to be Decisive and Passionate. Two bold, rich shades that just look amazing and really do last a good 4 hours even through eating/drinking and most important feel comfortable on the lips. 

All the liquid lipsticks can be used as blusher/cheek stains which I really do like because they are so pigmented so the blush lasts all day on the skin.

Lush Emotional Brilliance swatches
Swatches from top to bottom - Glamorous, Confident, Drive, Passionate, Decisive, Vibrance
My only real dislike is Vibrance which is the shimmery orange and also Glamorous a bold neon baby pink. 

Vibrance as you can probably see is quite sheer compared to my other swatches, which is okay if you want a more sheer finish, however my problem is with the shimmer in it. The shimmery pieces are far too heavy which results in the texture of the lipstick feeling gritty on the lips and also the shimmer clumping together, making the finish look uneven.

As for Glamorous I just feel the brightness/neon of the lipstick doesn't work well with the formula. Unless you really blot and re-applied and repeat, this does look quite streaky on the lips... in a cheap matte lip cream kind of way.

I really do feel £14.50 is expensive for one lip product that isn't 'high'end' however if you do have a specific lip shade you love... such a dark lips or red lips then just purchasing one will be so worth it. 
Just due to the fact they are so pigmented and last really well. Also you have the added benefit of using it as a cheek stain. 

Fee xo.

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