Lazy Links #3


A slightly later Lazy Links post than usual as, well I was being lazy in bed! It is Sunday after all and is freezing outside! 

There have been so many amazing blog posts this week that I actually found it hard to narrow down the links I wanted to share. 

Hope you enjoy the links...

I have been very much in to getting my makeup more organised this week and so this post has come at the right time. I love my my muji storage for the bulk of my makeup but these images just prove you can use all sorts of things as storage.
Even if you don't have a large nail polish collection or any desire to be this organised, Mich's missions to organise her collection is something to be impressed by! Even if it only tempts you to create your own nail polish wheel of your favourite shades there are some great tips in this post. MY favourite tips has to be painting the underside of the plastic nail so that the glossy plastic gives the finish of a top coat! I will only be purchasing clear nail wheels from now on. 

I had to include this recipe even though it isn't beauty related. An amazing recipe if you are wanting to lose weight/eat healthy. I only contains two ingredients - eggs whites & banana, is full of protein and is super easy to make. Plus it is so tasty with peanut butter!  


I am more than sure that if you read my blog you will watch Miss Budget Beauty's videos. But in case some of you don't I thought I would include her YT channel this week as I have been loving both her blog (here) and her videos so far this year. Khila is never afraid to tell you if she dislikes a product and is a lover of high street makeup and bargains. I just love her videos as they are exactly the things I want to watch - Makeup collection videos, what's in my..., Monthly Empties and Hauls etc.

I discovered Foxy Cheeks last week and instantly fell in love with the layout and photos - just so beautiful! I also love discovering new international brands and this post featuring Jacks brushes has inspired me to create my own watercolour/speckled makeup brush handles!

  *This is a blog you will need to translate though (Google Translate - just type in the website address)*

Sophie's blog has pretty much been my daily read for the past 4 months now. It contains everything I love - nail posts, amazing photography, dog/pet posts and reviews. Her photography and creativity with her nails just amazes me - a must read/see! 


 A reader named Jess left me a comment on my Tony Moly Egg Pore Primer post (here) suggesting I take a look at Yes Style for Asian beauty products, so I did and then spent over an hour looking on the site! Really thank you Jess for your comment if you are reading this! I now want some Missha Fruit Mix Sheet Masks (here) a Diamond Shaped Necklace (here), a very cute Panda Cape (here)... and I cannot decided on which diary I would get as these just have so many amazing ones (just search 'diary' for them all to come up).

Diego Dalla Palma Snow White Palette 
(£9.99 - Fragrance Direct here)
Italian brand Diego Dalla Palma is still a fairly new in the UK (can be found in Tesco, M&S and Debenhams) and is a little steep in price normally, though the quality does warrant it. But this palette, which was released last year in Tesco stores is now a total steal on Fragrance Direct. The palette contains 6 eye shadows; 3 matte, 3 shimmery, a vivid red lipstick and black eyeliner. The eye shadows are lovely but the palette is worth it for the lipstick and eye pencil alone! I really would compare this to the quality of an Urban Decay palette. You can read a post on it with detailed images - here.

 Hope you're all having a nice weekend. 

Fee xo.

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