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My love of beauty has taken me down many paths in the past year - reading up on makeup history in the 19th century (Victorian era), creating my own makeup room and becoming slightly obsessed by Asian beauty brands.

I recently discovered a really interesting Korean brand - Tony Moly through Blush and Brunch and had to purchase something from eBay ASAP! 

I was planning to repurchase the DHC Velvet Skin Coat primer as I love heavy duty silicone primers (I don't use them daily mind, as they do block pores!) but opted to buy the Tony Money Egg Pore Sily Smooth Balm (eBay £7.57 free p&p - here) when I spotted it on eBay. I instantly loved the unique golden egg packaging and at half the price of the DHC primer it was a no-brainer! 

This literally arrived yesterday (shipping took exactly 10 days) so this is by no means a review... however I just had to share with you the amazing-ness of the primer and a few other products from the brand. 

The Tony Moly Egg Pore Silky Smooth Balm contains 20g of primer and actually does look like a squashed egg white, which is a bit gross if I'm honest, however it thankfully has a citrus scent to it which is really pleasant. I have tried this out once so far and I'm pretty impressed as it does visibly smooth and diffuse the skin, concealing pores... but I will do a full review with before & after picture once I have used it more.  
For £7.57 I really think the Egg Pore Balm is worth it if you want something different and a good silicone based primer. Also amazingly, after you have used up the primer you can crack the top of your golden egg and use it as a plant pot (apparently it already contains seeds and you just water it - bizarre!) or you can place it on your desk to hold pens and pencils! 

Here are some other amazing Tony Moly products that I have my eye on...


*All products listed below are free from p&p and custom charges to the UK*

1. Tony Moly Petite Bunny Gloss Bars (£3.64 each, 9 shades available! - here
These were the first Tony Moly products I came across on Blush & Brunch with Rachel describing them as similar to the Revlon Lip Stains. I know I will end up buying at least one of these for the super cute, or should I say kawaii, packaging.

2. Tony Moly Pocket Bunny Moist Mist 60ml (£6.32 - here)
From what I can make of the eBay listing this is a hydrating mist for refreshing the face or spritzing after your makeup to make it look a bit more dewy. Again I have been sucked in by the super cute packaging! 

3. Tony Moly Cats Wink Mascara (£4.42 - here)
I am always after a new mascara to try so why not go for one that is has a catchy name and is shaped like a cat! This may be a totally rubbish mascara or my future holy grail, who knows! But at only £4.42 I know it will be my next mascara.

4. Tony Moly Peach Hand Cream 30g (£4.09 - here
This has to be my favourite looking product after the Egg Pore Balm. I mean how amazing does this hand cream look! I would want to take this out with me and be the odd girl on the bus using something that looks like a giant peach but actually I know it would just bring me joy seeing it sat on my bedside table! Also I forgot to mention that it is actually peach scented too.

5. Tony Moly Red Appletox Honey Cream 80ml (£7.60 - here)
Again so wanting this for the amazing giant shiny apple packaging! This is actually a sticky honey moisturiser that you apparently pat onto the face and it fully absorbers in to the skin. However a product that would probably be more beneficial to my skin is the  Tomatox Magic White Massage Face Mask 80g (£6.91 - here). Asian brands are all about their silly skin whitening products but I try to ignore this and see them as brightening products (because that is what they basically do). This is a face mask that is housed in a tomato shaped pot which aims to reduce blemishes to the face and brightens the skin. 

I hope I haven't been too much of an enabler here and you've enjoyed this slightly different beauty post! 

Fee xo.

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