Holiday Buys!


Finally getting around to showing you what I picked up on holiday in Lanzarote today! 

Last time I visited Lanzarote in December 2011 I didn't buy any makeup except two Yes Love nail polishes as there really wasn't any good shops selling cosmetics except for pricey perfume shops that sold products I could get in the UK. This time however I found an amazing shop that I could have spent so much money in and also a pharmacy that had an Essence makeup stand! 

Non-beauty related purchases out of the way first. I picked up a little Russian doll keyring as I like adding a new keyring to my keys when I visit somewhere new. It was really inexpensive at 3 euros but I like that it has been hand painted. 

I also picked up...


A pretty necklace, again inexpensive, that I bought it the shop that I could have spent so much in! It was in a shop call Fund Grube which was a mixture of a perfume/makeup shop and a clothes/jewellery shop. I also picked up the two Rare nails nail polishes in Cranberry and Understated. I've never heard of Rare before but they had so many lovely nail polishes at only 2.50 euros!

As for my Essense makeup buys I really think I should of bought more because I love what I picked up. I was hoping I would find an Essense stand as I've tried a few bits from them in the past and was thoroughly impressed - I actually have an eyeshadow duo that I love and use so much! So thankfully I found a similar eyeshadow quad named 'to die for' which was only 3.49 euro and I couldn't be more pleased, the eye shadows are just so finely milled for the price and the shade are totally what I go for.

I also picked up a nice warm nude nail polish in Toffee To Go which is the perfect shade for my skin tone. Also two Essence XXXL Shine lipgloss' in Nude Candy and Fabulous Fuchsia... I have one Essense lipgloss already which I loved so I'm really pleased with these, and lastly a Stay All Day Long Lasting Eyeshadow in Camp Rock which is just such an amazing shade and I actually got it in a 99 cent basket at the checkout.

If you are in the UK or somewhere else that doesn't sell Essense but get the chance to buy some products from the brand by a swap or going on holiday or even a friend/relative going on holiday then really do as it's a great brand! 

Fee xo.

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