Gift Idea - N-Spa Bath Fizzers in Vanilla & Turkish Delight


A quick little Saturday post today on these super cheap bath bombs! 

Not a lot to say except they come in Vanilla, Turkish Delight and Coconut and all smell oh so yummy. They can be purchased in Asda stores next to all the fruity NSpa products or online if you food shop with Asda. 

As for the price these are actually £1.60 each (not that 10p even matters) or 2 for £3.00... hence why I thought they were £1.50 each - really Asda a saving of 20p? Hmmm I will forgive you because they are so cheap already! 


The size of the Bath Fizzers is comparable to that of a Terry's Chocolate Orange so my brain is saying that these would make a great gift to put in the very bottom of a stocking as I use to always receive a Terry's Chocolate Orange from Father Christmas in my stocking every year! 

S if you are on a tight budget... or buying for someone that gets you rubbish presents haha then two of these will be a very cheap gift!

Fee xo.

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